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  • Food For Thought: Do We have a KINK – FETISH – or Something ELSE?

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  • ishitpants2

    May 26, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Ok, it’s semantics time again, and I’m wondering about two words used to describe “sexually deviant behavior” (meaning anything that is not the socially approved – normal – missionary style – vanilla sexual encounter).

    Please note that I use the word “deviant” only to describe “other than socially accepted norm” NOT as a pejorative or judgement.

    I googled the terms and it seems from a compilation of several competing (and often contradictory) websites and articles that:

    Kink – A deviation from normal sexual behavior used to enhance, spice up, or improve the sexual experience. So, in other words, the “kink” is an added benefit – a bonus. Examples of a kink can be: shitting or pissing in pants for a partner, or mutually doing it, pissing or pooping on a partner, spanking, etc.

    Fetish – A deviation from normal sexual behavior that is required or used to create sexual satisfaction and pleasure. So, in other words, a fetish is a sexual experience on its own and a fetishist (one who engages in the fetish) needs the fetish to get off. For example: someone who shits in pants and cums, but cannot orgasm in normal sexual situations. Or someone who must have another person piss on him(her) in order to achieve orgasm.

    Now, I think there is a third option that has no name I can find. That is — a deviant behavior simply for its own pleasure — with no sexual experience attached to it at all. I have seen many videos of men and women pissing and/or shitting in their pants without erections or cumming. I have seen men and women shit on the floor and walk away with no attempt at masturbation or orgasm.

    For me, I like pants pooping and pissing. I have no sexual partner – and for me sexual intercourse would be too physically stressful anyway (heart disease). So I find myself enjoying pants pooping and pissing because:

    A) I have to shit and piss anyway — or the heart disease makes no difference, I’d be dead if I didn’t.
    B) It is inconvenient — if not impossible — to have sexual intercourse for me — so “normal” cannot apply in my case.
    C) I can and do masturbate to gay porn movies. But I also masturbate to shit videos. Of course some people would define watching porn as a kink or fetish.
    D) I usually shit and piss my pants without any sexual excitement – not even a hard on. Yet I find it eminently satisfying in its own right, It feels good to load a pair of pants!

    I think in the end it comes down to labels – something people love to do, to apply to themselves, or others.

    And why is normal such a good thing anyway? I think “normal” means “it’s what everybody else is doing, and you should too!”

    Food for Thought – or waste of time?

    What do you think?


  • Anonymous

    Deleted User
    June 25, 2019 at 2:58 pm

    All make sense.

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