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     transscat69 updated 1 month, 2 weeks ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • transscat69

    June 11, 2021 at 11:26 am

    I finally got to poop properly and fuck my ass.

    So I have a gym membership and it’s a 24 hour gym. I went at night very late when no one else was there. Before the workout I hadn’t had a shit all day but I had peed while I got dressed into my gym gear. I start on the treadmill then do weights then the bike, all throughout my work out I felt it almost come out so I decided to go on the bikes sooner then normal. As I start riding I look around to make sure no one is there at all then I start to push and slowly let it all out. It felt amazing getting squished between my ass and the bike seat, I bounced up and down on it spreading it everywhere. I was too horny to concentrate on the bike so decided to hit the showers. I also packed 2 of my dildos to take with me and when I got to the showers I locked the door and grabbed them both out. I slowly pull my pants down and some shit drops out, I picked it up and rubbed it on 1 of the dildos and bent over. Slowly shoving it up my ass feeling it push my shit back inside of me. I slid it in and out then grabbed the other dildo and slid that into my pussy, safe to say I was soaking wet so it slid right in. With one hand I held it in my pussy and the other was fucking my ass hard and deep with the dildo using my shit as lube. Then I decide to push my ass against the wall and used the wall to keep both dildos deep inside of me as one hand is rubbing shit on my chest and the other is rubbing my clit. I started to cum and I could feel my pussy dripping, my knees got weak and I fell to the floor but landed on my ass which drove the dildos even deeper. It hurt for a moment but while I was cumming I embraced the pain, uncontrollably my legs spread and went in the air and I came so hard the dildo in my pussy shot out and I squirted all over the wall infront of me. I couldn’t stand so I layed to the side with the water hitting me, I pushed the dildo out of my ass and along with it came so much shit and cum from both holes. I was laying there in shitty filthy water for a few minutes while I gained movement back in my legs.

    I then cleaned myself up, washed my toys and left the gym. Definitely going to be doing it again soon. Hopefully next time I have someone who will fuck my tight ass for me

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