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  • First time was when my best friend stayed overnight

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    July 21, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    I had a handsome little friend and when we were 11 or 12 we would talk about masculine men, truck drivers or wrestling guys who would have an accident in there pants. We’d get breathless just talking about it.
    I like big firm loads that stay put. I love the feeling of the front of my briefs getting tighter as the back end expands. I’d look at myself in the mirror and watch my underwear swell. The bigger the load the more I’d get excited! I had a friend my age when we were ten or eleven. Jory would sleep over I don’t know how it started but we would talk about men shitting there pants. We would describe the guy. It would be a handsome actor on tv. Or a cowboy in tight Wranglers. We’d take for hours. Once I tan my hand over his crouch and he had a hard on. I felt it but didn’t say a word. When I was by myself I’d line my briefs with toilet paper to save the underwear front getting dirty. I told Jory that if we were to line our underwear with toilet paper I bet we could get away with pooping our pants. Just talking about it back then made us both shaking from being so turned on. He said for me to go first so I got out of the bed we were sharing and pulled down my pajamas and underwear and got back in bed. I could tell Joey was excited because he said “do it Dave. Do it!” We had to be quiet. So I did it. I pushed andvout came a load the size of a beer can. It was the size of a grown mans load. I told him to fill his but he was to busy feeling me up. We were both breathless and shaking from the situation. I remember him feeling my load through my pajamas and then he slipped his hand between my pajamas and briefs. I touched his crouch and his dick was hard in his pajamas. I didn’t say a thing but I rubbed the front of his pjs and he had his first orgasim. It exited me yet scared me as I’d never seen something like that. He was shaking and shuddering what seemed like for minutes. After that I cleaned up real fast got back in bed and we never talked about it again. Like it never happened.
    I wish I could meet someone who could renact the same situation. Or getting my fathers briefs out of the laundry bin. This one pair had skid marks in the seat. I remember now how much it turned me on to slip them on. And to poop in them would make me shake with excitement! I’d always line the seat with TP but one of the times the load was so big I got on my back and did sit ups. Every time I came up I got this funny feeling in my dick. Plus every time I’d sit up I could see the load getting closer to my balls and could see the toilet paper. The look of the white briefs, white TP and the huge firm heavy load start to make its way out was too much. I’d gone too far. I did not know it but seeing and feeling all that gave me my first orgasim. It was wild!
    I wish I could find some one to act out that scene and come into the bathroom, like my father and to see me in his dirty underwear with a big bulge in the seat. That would be a great role play scene I’d like to recreate. Ever thought about something like that? What would your fantasy be?

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