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  • Do Fetishes Evolve?

     pooperhp updated 2 years ago 11 Members · 11 Posts
  • ishitpants2

    May 22, 2019 at 6:33 am

    This question is for the more “seasoned” folks here who have had a shit fetish for a few years.

    Do you think your fetish evolves over time, especially with exposure to how others experience their shit fetish (i.e. naked shitting, pants shitting, adding piss to the mix, squishing, etc.)

    My fetish started with simple dry pants pooping. I would piss int the toilet, then shit in my pants, jerk off, and dump it out and be on my way.

    After discovering WetPantsBoy and now PPL, and seeing all the variety of how to express shit, I have expanded my pleasure base.

    Now I like to piss and then shit into my wet pants. I like to piss in already shitted pants and soak it. I like to squish my loaded pants to feel the shit in the crack of my ass. I like to shit in various other ways — into a collection container, onto underwear, on a rimchair, squatting naked poop.

    I have evolved from being a simple pants pooper to being more scat focused. It’s more than the feeling, it is now about the shit itself.

    What about you guys?

    Thanks in advance for sharing!

    What about you guys? What has happened to your fetish over time!

  • willyjohn

    May 22, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    My fetish has definitely evolved over time, it started with wetting myself, peeing just a few drops into my pants and progressing to full on wetting, feeling the warmth spread around my crotch. One day I was driving and felt the urge to poo and I decided I’d like to know how it felt so I pushed hard and out it came filling my pants, I loved the feeling as it squished around my balls and dick and later when cleaning up I tasted it. It turned me off at the time but I kept wanting to taste it again and eventually I came to enjoy it, so much so that I’ll finger myself daily and eat it and smear it all over myself. I still enjoy filling my clothes and I love to drink my own pee as I play in the mess. Another thing that developed over time was the enjoyment of giving myself enemas, filling myself with a hose and holding as long as possible eventually squirting everything out into the bathtub and then playing in it, smearing and eating. I find it to be the most erotic sensation and I continue to look for other ways to extend my enjoyment.
    I have only played alone to this point but imagine that it would be fun to play with a like minded friend. Even if it was only chatting by PM.
    Thanks for sharing my experience, I’d love to hear about yours too. John( willy)

  • skidzz

    May 23, 2019 at 7:39 am

    Absolutely. When I was younger, I would poop or pee in my pants and then jack off and cum and then have to clean everything up quickly. I then became comfortable with wearing piss or shit stained underwear as normal. The real change came when I allowed myself to be comfortable with pissing in the bed at night and not changing the sheets, or pooping in my pants and wearing them all day. I have always been comfortable playing with my shit and tasting or eating it. Now when I have a sex partner who’s into it, we don’t rush to clean up but savor the time being filthy together for hours or a day. Playing with piss and shit is an integral part of my sexuality and psyche, makes me happy, brings me joy, and being able to connect with like minded pants poopers is awesome.

  • pantsloader

    May 24, 2019 at 8:21 am

    I think perhaps. I’ve never really been into pants wetting, but my pants pooping has included loading my pants in public, sitting down on my load, pooping my pants before bed and falling asleep with the load in my pants, and making videos for this site as opposed to the first time at 12 or 13 when I lined my white briefs with tp and watched them bulge in a full length mirror…

  • jcpp7622

    May 24, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    I too have tried some of the other deviant behaviors such as eating, more open pooping, and pissing on myself both naked and on my clothes. I never thought of doing these until I joined WPB so many years ago now! As far as eating goes, I tried it once, but I could never get into it. I do, however, occasionally drink my pee. Just today, I had a wetting session while sitting on the toilet strictly to do that and not to poop. I pulled down my pants, pointed my cock up and pissed all over my chest. I was in heaven! I’ve done the same in the bath and let it spray all over me.

    I’ve always enjoyed a good long grunting and pants filling session, and this is how my walks came about and how this became part of my bike riding routine. Riding along pushing in my pants, or peeing in my Lycra and Nylon bike shorts, underwear, and other shorts, had become a staple in my routine in the warmer months.

    During these trips when I got away from my house, I found I could experiment more, and went full out and peed and pooped completely one day on a bike ride. That day was the best. After that day, I did that more often becoming experiences that are never forgotten.

    But… I still enjoy a good pants poop in the old traditional way with a quick jerk-off and clean up mostly because my house is too busy. Basically, no pun intended, if I can squeeze one out while I can I will even if it’s the old-fashioned way. At least this time, however, I’m not lining my underwear with TP and paper towels to hide my mess from mom.

  • levilandlord

    May 30, 2019 at 7:09 am

    I have to say yes it does evolve.

    First is a (fetish). somethink that atracts your attention. ie a object that takes priority. Like a brand of jeans become attached to.
    We all know how attcached you become to pair great jeans and as they wear out you dont want to let them go. A New pair is just never the same.

    The jeans become to worn to go out in but you keep them wear them at home worn torn ripped threadbare,
    while you break in a new pair.
    My main attraction was the early made shrink to fit levis,they would be stiff strong dark blue indigo denim. as it wears it gets softer and fades as worn and washed, The way the tight areas like thighs butt wear and lighten.the way the rear seam parts the buttocks etc and way the buldge shows are a great look.A rip showing bit flesh under them, few hanging threads,
    The jeans have my full attention. The great feel of worn tight denim.
    I think every one at some time have peeded/shit in there jeans even if only by acccident, probley wearing underwear,
    But as a freeballer its direct into the jeans. To me this has always been a great feeling,
    I amire the look also.
    therefore i want to experance more, so my old worn out jeans become a item to which i can injoy this.
    sitting in my wet pissed jeans i fill the arse of them. the dirty mess penatrating throught the worn faded denim.and the aroma makes me horney and have to wank off.
    First i would just J/off over the jeans, Then i would turn to getting a handfull of shit and smearing over the jeans.and wank with the shit in my hand. wipping the mess after i cum over the jeans.
    After some time i started to use another old pair which i piss and shited in then took these off, and pulled on the another old pair
    without cleaning up myself, and sat in them,Taking the shitted in pair i held up to amire the damage to them, the lovey shit stuck to the faded denim asre. folding the jeans so the dirty arse facing me i was so hard. I pushed the filthy levis into my buldge area, rubbing my jeaned buldge hard with the jeans,I just wanted to fuck the filthy worn levis,pulling out my hard cock i pushed my cock through a rear rip.inside full shit i started to hump at the shit levis. It was not long before i cum huge load inside the shit inside the jeans.
    Shity levis had taken me to the next stage.
    Old worn levis had to be filthy. Still loving clean worn out levis, i became more intressed in them when filthy.
    I started talking with a guy who was into shitting/pissing pants.and we got talking on the subject of jeans shiting.I told him all about my fetish for levis,after some talk i dicovered he wore the same size levis as myself.and we swopped a pair of levis,then swoped them back after filling them with out shit,caming on skype both wearing each others dirty filled levis, gettting off at the great sensation,and adding our shit/piss to the jeans as we cam.
    My oldest pair levis had a hole in the crotch by now,and i pulled these on one day while we cam. and the pair we swopped i put on the floor and pushed a log out of the jeans crotch so it landed on the jeans on the floor, then sat on the pile of shit on the jeans speeding it over the arse with my jeans arse, then picked the jeans of the floor and used to wank off with.
    These jeans then got sent back again and he filled the levis over few days with his shit.while he wore a pair off cutoffs i sent.

    So it does Evolve

  • fartlighter

    June 1, 2019 at 1:35 am

    Definitely. For me it started with farts. I mainly loved the manliness or it, the sound and the feeling but not the smell. In my 20s I started liking the smell as we stink more as we get older hehe. People always joked when they smelled my farts that I was going to shit my pants. I decided to try it. I used to play peak-a-boo with my turds pushing it out and sucking it back in and I loved the feeling and I’d always fart a lot. I decided to just push it out. It felt so wrong, so gross, but so right. I loved the feeling a giant log stretching out the back of my underwear.

    Then I started liking doing this stuff with either guys and the very few women into it. I’ve shit on a guy’s chest. Who knows what’s next.

  • fartsnskidslover

    June 3, 2019 at 12:52 am

    Yup.Fetishss definitely evolve in my experience. Started with farts… then to smelling ass.. then to dirty underwear.. then skidded underwear.. then pantypoops… then to pooping.. So I climbed the nasty ladder and it happend as I got older. Now 26 & looking for girls to take a dump on my chest. *shrugs*

  • brokenheart22

    June 6, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    Yes, and it’s something to be cautious about in my opinion. The overconsumption of porn can push your kinks and fetishes further and further from routes that many romantic or (free at least) sexual partners would be alright with experimenting with. Taking breaks, going back to your earlier and milder kinks sometimes, and taking the time to maintain your platonic and familial relationships are just a few ways to help keep things from evolving further or faster than you’re comfortable with.

  • drenched11

    June 24, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    This is a great question. Evolve I’m not sure for me is the right word. I would say growing obsession and what I mean by that is if your a diaper lover look at where you were years ago as a noob as opposed to where you are now as a veteran.

    Many people in the diaper world start out wearing pull ups and thinking don’t i look cute at the beginning, then you pee just to get the feeling of what everyone else is experiencing. You quickly learn these tiny little kid pads don’t hold much so you upgrade to an adult diaper or even a premium. There you learn wow multiple settings is awesome but after time even that gets to be boring so you poop for your first time.

    First thought, oh my god what a mess and I would say clean up chases the majority away so they go back to wetting until ultimate boredom takes over and they get out of the diaper fetish completely.

    The few that survived the first mess adapt, we find the easier ways to clean up, we learn what we need to tackle it best, we learn to put plastic down on a tile floor so we’re not scrubbing grout.

    Then once we have that established we really push our limits because like wetting a pull up it gets ordinary after awhile. Trust me pooping a diaper is still a turn on for me BUT now I push that so much Further. If I poop a diaper I know I’m going to wear it, sit in it, work in it until I can get to a spot where I can take it off, roll it around my dick and hump the hell out of it.

    If I have the house to myself I’m going to probably chose the back porch and hump it outside and not worry one bit about the clean up.

    On the porch I may even opt to just sit in a plastic lawn chair naked and unload a mess between my legs. Smear it all over and jerk off.

    I’ve done that at the park I visit, it’s out in the country. Not many people go there especially in the hot summer months so again I’ll strip naked and sit and shit all over myself.i clean up using the water spicket at the pavilion and carry soap and a towel in my back pack.

    I’ve even gone so far as to accept a mess challenge where they dared me to give myself and enema then lay with my back up against a tree and my ass in the air and expel it all down the front of myself, that was such a disaster but damn erotic!

    So again, I think we start out curious and our obsession pushes our limits from there.

  • pooperhp

    July 9, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    I have to say yes. I started off just pooping my pants and only if I knew it would be firm enough not to make a big mess. Then I got more into messier poops then I started being okay with peeing a little when I pooped myself then I got comfortable with totally soaking my pants. Now I love making huge we messes with pee and poop. For some it may not change over time, but for me it definitely has

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