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     lp1986 updated 6 days, 10 hours ago 3 Members · 3 Posts
  • jimjim9333

    June 8, 2021 at 12:28 am

    So I have been pooping my pants for as long as I can remember but only until recently have I dabbled with using different types of laxatives to make that happen. Here are my findings and I hope this is helpful for anyone who wants to have a big mess! For context I almost strictly poop my pants in public and as I have gotten more comfortable with it I get more and more daring and embarrassing and the following information will be how to achieve or not to achieve that goal or to just have some fun at home. And what I meant by “laxatives” is the strongest type you can buy, and they are; suppositories, saline enemas, and saline laxatives. These 3 are labeled to produce a bowel movement in an hour range. These I love because I love to wet my pants too and that is made easy by simply drinking water these laxatives make messing possible like that! Side note (it is not exactly like wetting, do not over use laxatives!!).Anyways, first the weakest, Suppositories. Suppositories are a laxative that is inserted into your butt and its kinda like a pill that goes up there, it does it’s magic and voilà you need to poop. I held it for about 2 days and then took a suppository and it definitely gave me bowel cramps but nothing too strong. So if you want a big mess suppositories are not the best method. In fact I wouldn’t even give them a try.

    NEXT! Saline laxatives. These will take you for an absolute ride. I am going to take you step by step on how they work. First this laxative is taken through the mouth and it doesn’t taste good at all and it immediately gives you stomach pains. And you can feel it working through your system. And once it does you will feel the pressure build but don’t be fooled there is a false first wave. And you will “go” then, but after…. you will experience yet another urge and pressure would and this will be a lot stronger than the first wave. You may or may not be able to hold it, personally I can but I have a butt of steal lol! Anyways! Once you do give in and push or your bowels release, this second wave will seem never ending almost and unnatural amount of mess. You can push and push and then you will fell empty and then the pressure will build again and it will feel like you hadn’t even gone. I once messed all the way down the back of my pants to create a puddle on the floor that’s how much! I made medium rearz inspire, leak with a saline laxative. It’s great for a huge liquidity mess.

    Saline enemas. Much like the saline laxative except there is no controlling this at all. If you don’t know how enemas work, they are a little liquid bottle that shoots liquids into your butt. I’ll take you step by step with this one too! First you “take” the saline enema. Do it slowly or else you won’t be able to hold it immediately. Second, within 5 minutes you will feel strong almost unbearable pressure in your bowels. And if you can hold it there WILL be a time that you will not be able to anymore and you will have in involuntary accident. After the enema had taken effect it has very similar effects as the saline laxative. Afterwards.

    I hope this information was helpful. All I can say is, if you take a saline enema and go out into public, bring something to sit on in your car and prepare to be embarrassed, because you WILL have an accident. The End!!

  • portugal123456789

    June 8, 2021 at 8:14 pm

    Hey i’d like to talk with you . Are you into Discord ?

  • lp1986

    June 10, 2021 at 6:19 pm

    I know most people’s go to is always laxatives and you gave a very thorough explanation of your experience with them that might be helpful to others.

    My experience is only with very high fiber products. Back when I uploaded frequently, I was consuming anywhere from 100 to 250 mg of fiber a day. Which isn’t insane as it sounds! I found a VERY high fiber cereal called bran buds that was very easy to eat because only one cup of it packed 37 g of fiber per serving. It was very easy to eat. I would put a half cup in my yogurt cup too, and also would stir in flavorless powder benefiber to the milk on my cereal . All together, just my breakfast would be 60 g of fiber. Id eat the tiny bowl of cereal twice a day, plus some fiber brownies, and combined with my regular meals, I’d easily get over 100 g of fiber.

    This cereal was psyllium husk based, which is a stool bulkner. So it would turn into a gel substance and just attaches to anything you are digesting sowhen I digested it and my normal bowel movement becomes VERY large in size because of this. By the time it fills your rectum, it’s so expanded in size by the gel, that it definitely makes you desperate to take a HUGE shit pretty quickly. I’ve been in situations where Ive had to hold my loads until I get home and it meant being VERY careful about my farts because the farts were very big and drawn out from all the fiber and they always triggered desperation poop farts if I let too many go at once.

    Anyways, the point of my post is that if you fiber loaded to the extent that I did, I would find it very difficult to not have an accident if you just let the big fiber farts go when you get to the point of being really desperate. In fact, I do have a video on here where I let that scenario happen. I’m wearing skinny jeans and light purple panties, and I was VERY desperate leading up to the video and I let a bunch of farts just go then turned my recoding on. I’m audibly breathing hard and swallowing trying to hold in my load, and not very long into the video you can hear a muffled shart followed by light sloppy filling, followed by a HUGE shart, followed by very loud sloppy filling, followed by a huge sigh of relief lol. I do remember the initial shart just slipping out, and just that bit of my load that got released during that moment of extreme desperation triggered my bowels to completely empty without much of my control. It’s to this day one of my favorite experiences shitting my pants! The relief of that load was so very satisfying.

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