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  • ishitpants2

    February 1, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    This is a great topic. Thanks for bringing it up.

    I agree with much of what you say. However, there are some things to be said for “little poo”:

    1. If it’s firm and dry, it’s much less messy (easy clean up)— yet because of our perceptions, it can feel quite large and give great pleasure in the passing.

    2. There is a “repeat” pleasure feature if one is passing multiple small poos in a single session (multi-turds) or over time (drop in pants, enjoy, clean up, drop in pants again a few hours later, enjoy, clean up – repeat as often as possible.)

    3. Small poos, while they don’t make for great video effects (hardly any tenting) are easy to dispose of. A really large poo that has tented and been compressed into a firm ball can be a “toilet clogger” and make a real mess to clean up later!

    4. Since poo stink is a matter of chemistry, not size, it is quite possible to drop a “little stinker” into pants that can make one almost pass out!

    I think, in the end (pun intended), what matters most is the feeling and the level of satisfaction a really good dump provides. No matter where or how, in pants or in toilet, poo can be one of the most self intimate and pleasurable experiences. Babies seem to enjoy it immensely! Maybe, we are trying to recapture that rapture of youth?

    We all have a “Vagus nerve” which accounts for some of the pleasure of a poo.

    Males have the added benefit of prostate stimulation (usually only comes with a really big poo).

    I wonder if women receive a similar vaginal stimulation from a good poo too?

    Ladies– care to share some of your feelings? Would love to get your perspective, caus esome of you take thee most amazing dumps!


    Then there’s the appearance of poo, whether a big log, or a nest if nuggets, poo tells am story — but this is food for another topic!

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