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Activity Wall Forums Forum How Do YOU Get Consistent Quality Poops? Reply To: How Do YOU Get Consistent Quality Poops?

  • ronniemac

    February 1, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Ahhh… the good old Bristol Stool Chart. I heard about it on a podcast about 10 years ago. The host was fairly amused by it, especially once he discovered that there was a Hardcore Punk band called Bristol 7 (unfortunately Google can’t find them).

    My type all depends on what kind of poo I am in the mood for. I used to eat sugar free sweets to give me diarrhoea. Mainly because I wanted poos that could easily force their way out as accidents. I still give myself diarrhoea occasionally, but I generally prefer something around a 3. They’re firm enough to make my bum feel good on the way out, but soft enough to be an exciting accident risk.

    I also enjoy regular super-soft “too much metamucil” poo accidents. Ideally, I’d prefer that they be a bit firmer, but they make up for it with their significantly larger size and ability to cause accidents.

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