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  • dirtyguy1090

    February 1, 2019 at 2:33 am

    It really started during a period when I was first getting into gay sex. I was intrigued by the idea of sucking a cock. During that period (which was in my college years) I discovered that guys wanted to fuck my ass. I was hesitant, but I dove into it.

    The problem was that I was new to gay sex and didn’t know what had to be done to have a clean ass. The second (or was it the third) guy really did a number on me which I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed. The problem was that when he pulled out, he looked at his cock and had a face of pure disgust. I looked and saw the problem; his once pinkish cock was now fairly brown.

    I don’t know why, but to remedy the situation I decided I would clean it with a tongue bath. He was shocked but seeing I didn’t seem to mind, pushed his now hardening cock deep into my mouth. By the time I was done, he once again had a pink cockshaft and I got a delicious load of cum in my mouth to match the load deep in my bowels.

    It wasn’t until a few guys later that I found someone with similar tastes. We stayed together for my entire junior year and we had numerous opportunities to clean each other off.

    I never got into eating actual shit until after I got married. We got married because we shared so many fetishes; she accepted my need for cock and I accepted her insatiable need for multiple partners. It worked! We sometimes talked about scat and shortly after we were married she asked me to shit in her mouth. I obliged and watched in amazement as she chewed a significant chunk and eventually swallowed. That made me want to try and a few days later she obliged me. Unlike her, I didn’t gag when I swallowed; I just loved knowing it was heading down my throat and into my stomach.

    That’s about it. We still indulge, but on rare occasions. I still clean dirty cocks after anal sex with me or with my wife.

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