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Activity Wall Forums Forum Have You Ever Been "OUTED" For Your Fetish? Reply To: Have You Ever Been "OUTED" For Your Fetish?

  • ScatShop

    January 31, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    I want to clarify real quick–just as it’s stated on the Terms of Service page, everything you publish on here that isn’t in a private message is available to the public… besides your private messages, PooPeeLife is a public website. So if privacy is a concern of yours, then don’t do public posting (including on your profile) of E-mail addresses, Telephone Numbers, Postal addresses, Kik/Skype Id’s. This is for your own safety 🙂 And it’s common sense… duh! 🙂

    Otherwise, who the hell comes to this site unless they belong here? URL doesn’t exactly leave things to the imagination! 😉

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