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    What is a scenario you fantasize about which you may or may not like to actually happen?

    For me, I always fantasize about being with three or four other diaper boys at once. We would take a generous amount of laxative and see who bursts first.

    In my fantasy it would be me, and I would sit on the lap of a guy and absolutely fill my diaper with a big mushy load. After that the other guys would be really turned on.

    I would then lay on my tummy as each of them mounted me (no penetration scat is not for me). One by one they would hump my big gooey messy diaper until they filled their diapers and splurged in them.

    The thought of our messy diapers squishing together and them using me as there stinky little toy that they could pass around for their pleasure is just so hot to me.

    So what is your ultimate fantasy? Feel free to leave as many naughty details as you would like, and stay stinky my friends.



    Jumping off the top of the Burj Khalifa and on the way down I wet my denim shorts on purpose all the way down and then put on my magic shoes and I land perfectly on the streets of Dubai and I look for the nearest place to start refilling my bladder.



    Being my niece toilet has been my fantasy for ages!!



    To be in a cabin with 10-12 adults (male/female) all wearing plastic backed disposable diapers and to kiss and play with every diaper as they get destroyed. I would put my face in a guy’s crotch and feel the cold, smooth plastic against my face turn warm as a beautiful golden waterfall cascades down the front of the diaper. He tells me to kiss it and I can’t resist. I reach between his legs and squeeze his soggy diaper as it begins to sag. A girl pulls me away and tells me to lie down on the floor. She squats over me, puts her diaper in my face and tells me to kiss it. I kiss it just as she begins to push a huge load out. Once she’s filled it, she pushes it into my face. I can feel the poop getting mashed into the diaper. She laughs about how stinky her diaper is. She moves forward and sits on my chest, facing away. She notices how hard my cock is and begins to stroke it. Another girl squats over my face and moans as she begins to fill her diaper with diarrhea. She grabs at the frilly little leg cuffs that are now stained brown. I rub the back of her diaper as she plays with herself. Once she comes, she moves off my face and begins sucking the tip of my cock while the other girl strokes it. A guy sits down by the right side of my face. He lifts up and begins to load his diaper. It’s a sizeable load and when he’s done, he sits down and begins to squish it, slowly rocking back and forth. I rub his butt each time he leans forward until he finally squishes it all the way to the top. The elastic gathers of his waistband are stained with poop and the diaper is stuck to his skin. The second girl swallows my load as I explode in her mouth. This goes on for hours. I finally change everyone. I clean them up and throw all their dirty diapers in the trash. Once everyone leaves, I tie up the trash bag filled with their stinky diapers and take it home so I can play with them some more.



    My dad watching me have an accident,he punish me and fingerfuck me through a hole in my pants until I cream myself while my mom and sister watch us

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    To spend a full day and night in a bed with a friendly partner who enjoys those fetishes as much as I do. None of us would be allowed to leave the bed. Everything would be close to the bed: food, drinks, etc. … We would just stay in bed, eating, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, caressing each other and let ourselves go whenever it’s needed …



    Having a romantic style scat dinner with another man. Sitting naked by the table drinking piss from a wine glass then take a shit on a plate front of each other what we swap. Who would like that?



    Yum. Or as a dinner date two bi men and two bi women – more poop to go round!!



    Bent over, panties up getting caned and slowly filling my panties, then getting a really thorough caning.



    I’ve got a couple:

    To watch a rubber ‘shitwrestling’ match. Two guys, dressed head to toe in full skintight rubber catsuits grapple with each other in a large paddling pool full of turds. Like mud wrestling, but in poop.Imagine the stink….:)

    If it were medically posible, to be glued into a tight rubber suit like this:

    poo latex suit
    It has a penish sheath which allows me to pee but the zipper has a strip of latex glued over it so I can’t remove the suit. I’m sealed up like this for a week and have no choice but to keep pooing myself. Wonder how it would feel to have poo oozing around in the suit, building up.Imagine a whole month encased, poo bulging everywhere, a skintight shit-bath.

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    Anonymous @

    I’ve been going to the same dentist for years. Now he’s as hunky as ever. Real handsome conservative republican but married with kids is he. He has one big hunky butt
    Ok. I have a fetish. One is that my very straight and married dentist who has a beautiful beefy butt and I fantasized that he’s working on me at the end of the day, every one has gone home and as he’s working on me he tells me that they locked the men’s bathroom. He asked if I could come the next day. He’s sweating and can barely talk. I tell him he has to finish as I’m going out of town that night. This guy. Ray is his first name is early 50s always wears snug expensive pants. In my fantasy I keep him there till he cramps up and has no fight in him. He steps back saying “”I’m so sorry David, I can’t believe…….and with that I hear the crackling sound and I see the bulge start to grow. I make him talk as I get off on his slurs his words and he’s red as a beet. I say Ray not a problem man. Let me see the damage “. He turns around and my eyes can’t believe what there seeing. Like two catchers mitt s stuffed into the seat of his pants. I tell him as I reach over and gently outline how big it is and he cramps up again and more. I gasp and he starts to go back to work on me. I very carefully take my right hand and ever so slowly and gently cop a feel. When he feels my hand he yells at me. What the fuck man you think this is funny? I just pooped my pants. Now he’s mad. He lowers the chair so it’s even with my face. He turns to pretend that he has to do exrays but backs up into my face. “Oh I beg your pardon Dave. Now let me see” and he backs up again. This time he bends a little at the knees. I’m so sorry he keeps saying but doing it to get back at me.he gets more and more aggressive as he sinks his bulging butt into my face. I try to piss him off so he continues to back up and patronizing apologies to me. I get off on his insincer apologizing I’m hard as a rock and while he’s backing up I grab him from the waistband and pull him into me. Big time. That big load in my face. He laughs at me but the more I pull him into me the harder he’s breathing. As I push my handsome face into the back of his loaded slacks I reach around and rub him in the front of his pants. Now he’s into it. Pushing his big ass in my face and I saw “having a problem Ray? You seen to be a little “ and before I can finish he’s having an orgasim like he’s never had
    Ok my question is could you do a video and be a professional man CEO type who has an accident in his pants. Not piss but huge load of packed in poop. I want him to laugh at me as he’s backing into my face. I could also fantasize that we go out for drinks. I have been planning this all week. We stop at my place cause I gotta shit. He laughs. I say “fuck man it isn’t funny,I’m touching cotton
    “. We read at the apartment I live in that the water won’t be turned on for a couple more hours. We’re both a bit tipsy. He says guess you’ll have to suck it up and shit your pants. I start to get desperate. I break out in a sweat. My handsome dentist is shaking his head but still edging me to do it. We’re both well and expensively dressed. Sport coat shirt and tie. Tee shirt tucked into my very expensive slacks. I have on snug full cut while briefs. I’m say stuff like oh my god. I really do have to pinch off a loaf. I start feeling Humiliated and can’t believe this pal of mine keeps egging me on to go for it as if I really would. So I turn around to show him my butt. I take off my sport coat and roll up my sleeves. He thinks I’m joking. I push and feel a load like a football is expanding in my pants. Now he rediculs me but I cramp up and push out what seems like five pounds of heavy clay. I’m breathing hard but so is he. This time I get pissed. You think this is funny Ray. Really? You think,,,,,, and with that I laugh and push him, he pushes back till we land on the floor. He’s on his back and my butt is a foot from his handsome face. Yeah! I say. Still laughing. Then he’s wimpiering. No. No Dave. Your not going to….his voice is shaking yet I can see he has an erection which he’s trying to hide. I keep backing up till I’m on his face, but I haven’t sank in. He’s almost in tears. Tears and a hardon. That’s interesting I think. Then things switch…..he grabs me by my thighs and in an aggressive loud voice he says “Goddamit sit on my fucking face”!!!!! I do. I ride it like a cowboy at a rodeo. Then I reach over and grab one of those Brookstone vibrators and turn it on high and on the warmest setting. I run it over his thighs and then his zipper. He’s moaning like a bitch in heat. I know he can’t get dirty because the briefs have a double seat and my pile is so thick, like clay that he pulls my thighs harder and harder. I work on his zipper with the vibrator. In a concerned voice I say with a half smile, you ok doc. Are you sure?.. and with that I sink in as deep as I can. With a contorted look of pleasure and pain he begins his orgasm. It seems to go on for ever. We get up don’t say a word, both shower in the bathrooms and he asks for a beer for the way home. Acts like nothing has happened. Fine I think. There will come another day
    Any thoughts? Not everyone is into my thing but seeing you wearing slacks and tie made my dick jump. I hope you liked the fantasy. Bet u have a couple as well. So tell. Love this pic



    I’m in a dark bar standing at the bar drinking a lot of beer. I’m in my lycra briefs under my very tight skinny jeans and then feel my butt getting warm and wet!!! I love the feeling and I turn slowly to be sure I’m completely soaked in back. As I turn a handsome guy is squirting a heavy stream and now the front of my tight jeans turns color and gets soaked!! I moan a little and guide his hand to my straining bulge and he gently massages my wet jeans. Almost immediately I explode with a massive load of cum which fills my sexy undies and squirts through my jeans. After rubbing the slippery cum all over my pee wet crotch he smiles and asks me to do the same to him!! I of course do and we both wind up with soaked tight jeans!! I plan to do this often with him!!!



    My ultimate fantasy is for my wife to invite me into the bathroom when she is getting ready to poop.

    I would stand in the corner and masturbate while she pulls down her pants and panties, sits down, hearing the sounds and smelling the odor of her shit, the plop into the toilet the look on her face when the poop is coming out and the relief when it has exited her.

    Then she reaches for the toilet paper and wipes herself. When she wipes is when I will shoot my cum.

    Or maybe she will bend over the sink and let me wipe and finger her asshole, then fuck it and shoot my cum inside her.

    I think about this fantasy almost every day.



    I’m sure I’ve posted this before on another thread, but can’t find it, so in the hope of finding someone to help turn a fantasy into a reality, let’s post it again.

    I’d love to go for a walk through the woods with a young guy, with both of us needing to poo, both of us struggling to hold our loads. We head deeper into the woods to find a quiet secluded spot where we start to kiss and caress each other’s bodies, feeling each other tense up as we continue to try to avoid having an accident.

    As our kissing becomes more passionate, the pressure grows, and without further warning, our bodies freeze as we both lose control and that familiar crackling sound can only mean one thing. Our attention turns to the bulges in the back of our pants, and slowly, I start to undress you to reveal your white briefs with your rock hard cock straining against the fabric, and my hands caressing the huge mound of poo in the seat of the briefs.

    Together we lose ourselves in the immense pleasure of our filthy mess until we both climax, and we simply hold each other thinking of when we can do it all again.

    If you are local to Manchester / Sheffield, and fancy joining me for a walk in the woods, send me a private message

    Steve xx



    What a great fantasy! It would be great to share with any hot guy.



    i would love to mess myself in front of as many women as possible. bein helpless and desperate preferably after an enema or laxative



    I’d like to have them wipe me and clean me up afterwards.



    I’d like to get a group of women to take Imodium and Metamucil, hold their poop in for a few days, then watch them go one at a time. I want to see the anus, face, poop coming out, and what’s on the ground. I’d also like to do the same for other women who like to watch guys poop. I’d like to obtain type 2 poop on the Bristol Stool Form scale for them and I. I also wish a had a group of best friends who are women. I’d like to satisfy their kinks within reason.



    I would like to become an 8 year old again.
    Because in the summer camp, at night I had a big craving night diarrhea, and instead of doing in my bed in pajamas like a kid, I got up to relieve myself in the toilet
    (j’aimerais redevenir un enfant de 8 ans.
    Parce qu’en colonie de vacances, la nuit j’ai eu une grosse envie diarrhée nocturne, et au lieu de faire dans mon lit en pyjama comme un gamin, je me suis levé pour me soulager aux toilettes).



    Been having some major diaper fantasies lately. Most of which involve being out in public, alone or with a buddy. I’m constantly pushing out hot diarrhea into my cushy diaper. People around me can hear the noises from my stomach and the squelch as the shit hits my diaper. I’d ideally like to be wearing an XL diaper for filling all day but I’d probably go into a men’s room and change myself. I’m hi so i Would love to have another man or women walking around with me when I’m doing this.



    My other fantasy is to have a house or a barn for regular scat meets with other like minded men. A club which is drug free, no crazy sex parties but somewhere where we could all enjoy our fetish. Pants shitting, checking each others shit, socialising naked and chatting about shit and of course tasting, smearing etc. It would only for registered members somewhere in a discrete place.



    My ultimate fantasy is actually a blend of two of my favourite fetishes. You see, I also love something called “pedal pumping”, which is basically revving and flooring gas pedals of cars, trucks, tractors, buses, etc. And so I thought “why not combine that with my poo/pee fetish?” So my ultimate fantasy is to go poo right onto the gas pedal of a big diesel vehicle and then rev and floor it until the poo is all nicely smeared over the pedal (and my right foot too!).

    It’s like when a farmer presses on the manure-covered gas pedal of his/her tractor… that kind of thing.



    There is a very gorgeous young mechanic that works at my local vehicle repair shop. He is about 19 or 20 years old and not so tall, maybe 5ft 7 or 8 inches and he has deep blue eyes and shortish dark brown/black hair. He is not fat but still has a little poddy belly and a very pert and rounded butt, he kinda looks like he still has his ‘baby fat’, he’s chunky and so bloody cute. He wears dirty dark blue overalls and he smells faintly of engine oil and aftershave and when I saw him recently it was obvious that he had recently farted because there was the unmistakable aroma of shit mingled with the scent of engine oil. He looks like he’s a bad boy (not a thug), just naughty and mischievous, the kind of boy that would benefit from a real hard spanked bottom but who would then need to be given a cuddle to make it all better lol. My fantasy (and I confess I got rock hard when I saw him last week and thought about this) would be to make him come and stand right in front of me and for me to feel his stomach for lumps of poop to check if he was constipated or holding back and to discover as I did that that under his dirty overalls he is wearing a snug fitting plastic backed diaper. I pull up a chair and make him sit down on my lap. I lay him back, part his legs and after leaning down to sniff deeply between his diapered, overall covered bottom, I smack him hard a few times and tell him to strain a massive poop into his tight diaper for me. He tries to break away but I hold him firmly and swat him hard. I watch his glassy eyes and bright red face as he pushes and struggles to mess himself. I rub deeply between his legs to mush the solid lumps of poop he is straining out with difficulty and all the while make him look deeply into my eyes. I love his discomfort and the pain his constipation is causing. I rub his tummy and around his groin, all the while taking in the heady stink of his shit mingled with engine oil. I make him keep straining for me his massive load tenting out the diaper and the seat of his overalls. When he eventually finishes to my satisfaction, I flip him over onto his front and wallop his bottom hard, flattening the solid mess contained in his overalls before taking him off to the shower to get him cleaned up – Hmmmmmmmmmm HOT!!!! Lol



    I love all the ideas I’ve gotten from this thread!

    One of my biggest fantasies is to find someone to go on naughty bike rides with. The rules are simple. If you have to go, you go in the front of your friends pants. The person with the freshest load takes the lead. Ideally, this would take place on a tandem bicycle, or on the shared seat of a motor bike.

    Another simple fantasy is to hold the ladder for someone who just couldn’t hold it any longer, while they change a light bulb or something. I love the idea of them coming down, and the smell and bulge getting closer and closer to my face until….



    This sounds lovely!

    I would also like a companion to wear diapers with in public all day. For this fantasy I prefer a hot girl bc we’d probably get away with it more tbh. Also cuz I’ve fantasized abt pooping with my hot friend I used to date, who admitted to desiring to shit for an audience.



    One of my many ultimate fantasies is for someone to open a public bathroom in a city that is more open minded- maybe Amsterdam. This public bathroom will be an open space for scat lovers of all kinds. There can be open bathrooms like in roman times, some private for more shy poopers. Each toilet will have a slot for someone to put their head under to be able to receive the load. You can stay at this restroom for as long as you’d like so you can get a bunch of loads on your face. You can choose what gender you prefer with color cards. I imagine this to be the glory hole of scat. I really feel like there should be a place for us <3 <3 Also for people who don’t mind the fetish in the world- we take poop donations lol.

    I’ve always loved the idea of mud wrestling but with poop! That is my next fantasy that is slightly more realistic compared to the first.
    I’d love to meet someone who owns a house with a barn or has access to one where they already have a mud pit. We can throw a scat party where everyone beforehand eats a ton of food and prepares for this event days in advanced, diet wise bc we all have favorite poops. It could even be with people of different sexual orientations if there is enough people, I am a serious voyeur and exhibitionist so I think it will just be nice to get together and be open as a community. To make it extra fun people can try to save as much poop over weeks and bring it to contribute to the massive shit pile. We can all take turns wrestling and making each others dreams come true! Mines involves anal sex and being shat on at least 5 times- that’s like birthday fantasy.

    When I was 7 I used to dream of being in an enclosed underground space where there’s just a pool of shit you can swim in. Not like a sewer but way more intentional with scat dreams in mind. Perfect place to fuck, imagine the smell



    I’d enjoy watching a poop wrestling match. Like with you, it would take place in a barn or maybe large garden. It would be in front of an audience who’ve all crapped in a large inflatable pool. Would be great to maybe get them to save a week or two worth of poop as well. The match is between two male wrestlers in full head to toe skintight rubber suits, in full hoods except for the eyes and mouths. I’d love to see them rolling around in greasy, sticky turds getting coated. The smell would be intense, so anyone who feels sick would be invited to throw up over the two rubber wrestlers adding to the shit.



    Maybe a dumb one, but my ultimate fantasy is being used as a toilet by a girl, i imagine her tying me in a position she could sit in my face and then she peeing and pooping in me every time she needs… also i like the idea of not being allowed to eat or drink another thing that isnt her poo or piss.
    Idk why but i like the idea of being used like that



    I want to be with a constipated man and give him a blumpkin as I finger his ass and encourage him to poop. Rubbing his tummy, pressing hard, and trying to get his poop out



    Honestly, finding a compatible woman who’s okay with my fetish and enjoys it as much as I do. Simple as that; I’m quite vanilla.



    My ultimate fantasy is piss and shit in my old ripped skinny jeans or in an old dirty skinny jeans from a oter gay.
    Or we do it to same and after filling the jeans switch the both full jeans for take on



    Would love to be locked in a pillory and be video tape while taking shit in my diaper, pair of panties and shit coming out of my butt falling onto the floor.
    Also would like to be given an enema, suppistory or laxatives and be forced to use my diaper or wreck a pair of panties.
    Also would like get a hard spanking with a paddle and belt in while wearing poopy panties and a diaper. Then be bounced on the knee in a messy diaper and panties.
    Also would like to have a guy and girl take a shit on my chest and smear it on my body mixing it together.
    Also would like to be fucked in the ass after I shit my diaper by a guy while rimming a girl and her farting in my mouth.
    Also would like to be given an enema then have to hold it while giving a guy a blow job and not allowed to release it until the guy cums in my mouth.
    Also wouldn’t mind if someone took a shit on my photos and showed me, or have my photos posted on various porn sites I only want to know so I can see them posted.
    Also don’t mind being degraded either and have someone call me a pig, swine, whore, skank, princess stinkbutt or bitch.



    I would mess myself outside a large public toilet and tell the female attendant, who takes me to a disabled cubicle and helps clean me up.



    I know is up to everyone, but I don,t feel comfy how so many people mixing scatology with urology, while many of us are used to the 2nd one, won,t touch at all the 1st. Those have nothing in common, (apart from being both made in same place, wich imho is irrelevant) plus dealing with shit may be extremely desease-risky. I had to say it.–



    My ultimate fantasy, which is obviously not attainable, would be to be trapped in a pit below a woman’s toilet while hundreds or maybe thousands of attractive women shit on me. At the beginning there would be no shit, and by the time it was over the level would be up to my neck, and I would be able to look up and see perfectly round asses and feel shit splattering all over me for hours on end. Or maybe I’d even have a diver’s mask and snorkel so I could be completely submerged. I would want it thick like the consistency of pudding, so the pee would have to go somewhere else. Then I’d want to be left down there for a while, completely immersed in shit.

    Another more realistic fantasy is to be tied up in bed while my woman takes a shit and leaves the door open so I can hear her farts and turds hitting the water. Then she comes back without wiping and sits on my face and makes me clean up every bit with my tongue. Some day…

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