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    This is not a quiz. There are no wrong answers!

    A simple Google search will reveal a number of scat tubes which have videos and pictures of all sorts of scat, including naked pooping (as in: poop on floor) and pants/underwear pooping. PooPeeLife started out with video and pictures as the main draw, and then expanded into a community.

    1 – Do you like to watch videos of people filling their pants/undies or pooping naked (on the floor, etc.)?
    2 – What do you most like to watch people doing? (i.e. pee and poop in pants)
    3 – Do you masturbate to what you see?
    4 – Do you use what you see as inspiration to enhance your own fetish?

    Please, discuss!

    My answer is:

    1 – YES – both naked poop and pants poop videos and pictures turn me on.
    2 – See 1 – and I like to see the results (i.e. the poop)
    3 – Yes – but I don’t always orgasm. When I orgasm I lose interest for a while.
    4 – YES – I got into pants peeing and pooping after watching videos. Prior to that I just “plain pooped” my pants. I found that peeing while pooping enhanced my pleasure and it was only after watching videos that I tried it myself.



    1, 2. Yes – I like seeing pooping in various settings. For me, panties pooping videos are okay, but I don’t usually enjoy as much unless I can see the girl’s face, she talks dirty or erotically, and she shows her dirty ass afterwards. I like to see girls (women adults, that is, just speaking colloquially) masturbating or having sex while pooping, but the videos that involve sex more often than not seem to get into smearing, degradation of women, and often show the guys pooping too, and those things I don’t particularly get into.

    3. Yup!
    4. Hmmm… I guess not. I think maybe at first I did. It took me a long time to really come to terms with my scat kink, for a long time I had some guilt/shame issues about it. Even now, I still don’t really talk about it with friends or anything like that, which is why PPL is a great outlet for me, like a relief valve. Anyway, I think watching videos was part of my discovery process for my fetish, I got to figure out what I liked about it and what I didn’t. But I think my fetish is, you might say, fully developed now, I know what I want and where my limits are. I think I would need to explore the fetish in the flesh with a girlfriend or fuckbuddy to really draw inspiration or enhancement to my fetish.



    1. I mainly like watching pants/undies pooping. I also enjoy many of those Jade “Voyeur”, toilet, alleyway, etc videos. I used to think that some of them were real. But after seeing at least a hundred different titles, I’ve noticed that most of them share the same dozen or so core actresses. (I still find many of them believable, possibly because Japanese language and mannerisms make the whole act plausible to an Australian who only speaks English)

    2. Poo accident videos are my favourite.

    3. I absolutely play with myself to these videos… 🙂

    4. In a way. Seeing some of the videos in which the girls get caught having their accident, made me want to get caught having one.



    1. I absolutely love seeing hot guys poop themselves. Especially if they’re pooping while wearing clothing instead of just underwear.
    2. Pooping their pants.
    3. Yes
    4. Yes



    1. Definitely when it’s done on purpose in their pants/undies. Not so much into naked pooping, unless it’s on their lovers during intercourse.
    2. Pooping themselves when in the middle of something like dishes, cleaning, or even reading. Then just staying there as it sits and squishes.
    3. Yes and I love every minute of it, including sitting in the after-mess.
    4. Sometimes, but yet to find anyone able to do them with me.



    1 – Do you like to watch videos of people filling their pants/undies or pooping naked (on the floor, etc.)?
    2 – What do you most like to watch people doing? (i.e. pee and poop in pants)
    3 – Do you masturbate to what you see?
    4 – Do you use what you see as inspiration to enhance your own fetish?

    1 – Yes, I started out mostly interested in panty poop but over time I’ve grown to enjoy all of it
    2 – I still like panty poop most
    3 – Sometimes I do
    4 – Sometimes, if I see something that I want to try because it’s something I haven’t tried before, but I started doing these things
    before they were easy to find on the internet so I’ve always had my own ideas anyway



    1 – I absolutely love it.
    2 – Pooping while having sex. Women pooping panties, sitting in it and squishing, and masturbating, the more verbal the better.
    3 – Always, that’s the whole point
    4 – I pooped my pants and masturbated before there was even an internet. I rarely do anymore, I masturbate to the pictures and videos of others, but the fetish is a powerful as ever..



    1: Yes
    2: Couples (male/gay/bi/female/groups) scat fucking
    3: Probably far too often
    4: Yes and still wanting more

    On 2: Not the studio ‘fakes’ where the actors are clearly not enjoying what they are doing.
    For me these are a sad turn off. What people will do for money…..

    Though I’m bi for some reason I still find a woman pooping more erotic than a man. which is to me much more functional.
    (but still hot when it’s on another guy)



    1. I actually like naked pooping. Watching a firm poo slowly crackle out
    2. Actually, sitting on the toilet with loud plops still gets me going most.
    3. I’m fapping like a mad man always to these videos. So, yes, of course.
    4. Not really actually. I’ve only used videos as inspiration for angles for videoing myself pooping and masturbating to it later on.



    Yes to all.



    1 and 2 yes, but only guys in pants/undies. 3 and 4 yes.



    Yes to all!

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