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    Our community is quite varied. I see a lot of young guys (twinks?) but not so many older guys in pants pooping. So let’s hear from you…

    Are you a pants pooper and over 50/60/70?

    Does age change your fetish?

    Want to talk about the special challenges we older guys have?




    Yes. Looking forward to my 70’s. At least I will have an excuse….



    I’m 61. I didn’t even start with piss play or shit play until my 40’s. I’m ok with that but I’d love to find some other older guys to play with!



    Yes! I do



    I’m in my fifties but the last time I shit myself (not planned by the way) I was 47. Wetting, however, is another thing.



    I’m 63 and been doing this since I was 12. Don’t think age has changed the desire at all; or ever will.



    Think as I age I have become more attracted to the fetish



    I tried it a few times when I was a kid (under 10); I’ve done it a few times as a 60+ year old, mainly for photos which I posted on here sometime ago, but took down. Occasionally, then, I will drop a big load in my underwear, merely for the feeling of pushing back against my ass as I’m trying to push it out. My favorite form of poop are long, hard ones, which don’t leave much in the way of tracks in my shorts. I love the feeling of them come out, not having enough space for it to move easily, and forcing it out, and enjoying the feeling of its slightly stick hardness against my skin. I don’t do it very often, and I don’t really have any interest in doing it with anyone else. As the saying goes, everyone’s shit smells sweet to him/her! — not so much someone elses.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing on here.



    @satyricon1 – I TOTALLY agree with you! You have described my ideal pants pooping experience quite precisely! Thank you! Would love to see your photos or videos. Would you ever consider putting them back up? I took mine down twice before and am re-building yet again!



    I’m 66 and mostly poop diaper which I’ve been doing since I was 38. When I was 7 or 8 I pooped my pants until my mom caught me when I was 10. After the spanking I got I stopped pooping my pants until I was on my own. Occasionally I poop my undies, but mostly I poop pull ups.



    Hi I am 52 and love to load my pants up and nappies of course i Can accom and travel for kinky fun 😀🇬🇧



    I’m 58 and I’ve done it since I was 12. I don’t get a lot of opportunities for shitting in my pants, but when they happen, it sure feels awesome. I like solid poops that I can push out and sit on and flatten out. I’ll do this over a couple of hours of pushing, sitting, grunting more sometimes loudly, and squishing while holding back until I finally need to let it out.

    I also like going for walks and filling my pants quietly as I walk along and find places to rest. My old days of bike riding are over, but they produced some of the best experiences as well. I’ve written about these good times in the blogs over the past years. These are all true stories of incidents that took place many years ago.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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