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    Our community is quite varied. I see a lot of young guys (twinks?) but not so many older guys in pants pooping. So let’s hear from you…

    Are you a pants pooper and over 50/60/70?

    Does age change your fetish?

    Want to talk about the special challenges we older guys have?



    Anonymous @

    Yes. Looking forward to my 70’s. At least I will have an excuse….



    I’m 61. I didn’t even start with piss play or shit play until my 40’s. I’m ok with that but I’d love to find some other older guys to play with!



    Yes! I do



    I’m in my fifties but the last time I shit myself (not planned by the way) I was 47. Wetting, however, is another thing.



    I’m 63 and been doing this since I was 12. Don’t think age has changed the desire at all; or ever will.



    Think as I age I have become more attracted to the fetish



    I tried it a few times when I was a kid (under 10); I’ve done it a few times as a 60+ year old, mainly for photos which I posted on here sometime ago, but took down. Occasionally, then, I will drop a big load in my underwear, merely for the feeling of pushing back against my ass as I’m trying to push it out. My favorite form of poop are long, hard ones, which don’t leave much in the way of tracks in my shorts. I love the feeling of them come out, not having enough space for it to move easily, and forcing it out, and enjoying the feeling of its slightly stick hardness against my skin. I don’t do it very often, and I don’t really have any interest in doing it with anyone else. As the saying goes, everyone’s shit smells sweet to him/her! — not so much someone elses.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing on here.



    @satyricon1 – I TOTALLY agree with you! You have described my ideal pants pooping experience quite precisely! Thank you! Would love to see your photos or videos. Would you ever consider putting them back up? I took mine down twice before and am re-building yet again!



    I’m 66 and mostly poop diaper which I’ve been doing since I was 38. When I was 7 or 8 I pooped my pants until my mom caught me when I was 10. After the spanking I got I stopped pooping my pants until I was on my own. Occasionally I poop my undies, but mostly I poop pull ups.



    Hi I am 52 and love to load my pants up and nappies of course i Can accom and travel for kinky fun πŸ˜€πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§



    I’m 58 and I’ve done it since I was 12. I don’t get a lot of opportunities for shitting in my pants, but when they happen, it sure feels awesome. I like solid poops that I can push out and sit on and flatten out. I’ll do this over a couple of hours of pushing, sitting, grunting more sometimes loudly, and squishing while holding back until I finally need to let it out.

    I also like going for walks and filling my pants quietly as I walk along and find places to rest. My old days of bike riding are over, but they produced some of the best experiences as well. I’ve written about these good times in the blogs over the past years. These are all true stories of incidents that took place many years ago.



    Yes, I am 54 and pooping my pants since I was 12. I just loaded my jeans full of poop working in the yard, and taking a brake sitting in my load.



    I am 69 and will soon be 70 and regularly shit my pants, sometimes in public. I have ridden my motorbike with a fresh load of shit in pants and even mown the lawn in pants full of shit.



    I just turned 79 and love to pee and poop my pants just as much as I did as a teenager



    I am 56 and have been shitting my pants since my 20’s. I have found that as I’m getting older, I enjoy doing it more frequently. I have been pooping my pants every day for the last year and sometimes 2-3 times a day on the weekends. I piss my pants a lot, whenever I can. I lead a normal life, have a job, have a relationship, lots of friends, but I always have time to shit or piss in my pants somehow. I really love it. It feels great, keeps the stress at bay, and I find it to be a positive motivator in my life. I have done a lot of reading on fetishes, especially this one, and the consensus is, for whatever reason (childhood this or that), we’re stuck with it and it ain’t going away. I find that it’s best to just go with it and enjoy it. It harms no one and it’s awfully fun. Also, as I’m getting older, I give less and less fucks about what others think. There are a select few people in my life who I trust and they know about it and support me, my partner being one of those.



    I started by lining my briefs with toilet paper when I was about 12, and pooping directly into my briefs when I was 17, when I was shooting pool(billiards) and my friend called his shot, a difficult one and I said if you make that shot, I will shit my pants, all the guys forced me to poop my pants and forcing the poop peed some in my pants, that’s when I got the nickname “Caca Chuck”. all that felt so good that i’ve been doing it ever since.
    My work required me to be on the road, staying in motels, so that’s when I had most of my pants pooping/peeing fun. Being married, I had to be careful, not being caught by my wife, as she would not have liked it. I staged a couple of pants pooping ‘accidents’, and while she was sympathetic, she clearly did not like it. Now that I’m 78, I get away with claiming diarrhea ‘accidents’ and have my briefs cleaned up before she can check. I often have genuine wetting accidents, and wear my wet pants till they dry. My wife also 78, has some wetting accidents, but she changes her pants right away (she carries spare undies in her purse.)


    Anonymous @

    Too bad you and your wife couldn’t shit your pants together….



    I am 68 and have been wetting myself and having accidents since I was a boy. Have a genuine weak bladder that can let me down occasionally and in recent years have increasing problems with irritable bowel problems that can lead to be getting desperate to poo very quickly and sometimes I cant make the toilet. But I’m not a public exhibitionist and get mortified if I have an accident in public and have to get home before I am seen.
    The picture was taken after I got taken short on a trip into town and couldn’t reach the toilet in time.

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    @wetchris – I am like you, I love shitting pants, but privately, not in public. And I am very careful to control my bowel when I go out. But, of course, sometimes, especially because of some medications, I get the nasty wet and uncontrollable poop. I used to have “close calls” but never actually lost it in public. I was desperate because the meds were making life very unpleasant.

    Then I read on an IBS forum about a product called “Digestive Advantage IBS (Intensive Bowel Support).” It’s available in the US in grocery stores and pharmacies. I bet there’s something quite similar for UK folks. It’s a “probiotic” capsule, and one a day gets the shit firm and solid!



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    Really encouraging to know that age isn’t important. I have this fascination since childhood and now in 60s when the feelings are even stronger!
    Just need to be able to meet like-minded friends!



    I enjoy loading my pants more these days I think even though I started in my teens. At 61 I prob do it 4-5 times a month by myself but in varied places.

    If there’s any like minded guys in the Philly area lmk!



    I’m 56 and I wet myself in some form almost daily. I love to poop my underwear and pants as often as possible. I too would have wanted to find a site for guys over 50 (and heavyset) who are into wetting and messing. I think there is a little shame with older guys who are into this pleasure because it can happen with age. I think we need to encourage each other! Great question. This is something I have wondered myself. Older guys in wet and pooped anything are HOT!



    I’m in my late 60s and like to poop my pants. I don’t do it as often as I wet myself but I always enjoy it. There’s clearly no upper age limit on enjoying peeing and pooping your pants!



    68 here and poop my pants a couple of times a week often in public like well shopping. Usually when I have pooped my pants i will pee them too whenever and where ever. πŸ™‚



    I’m 58 love full pants I spent weeks in mine and yes act normally and go shopping and out to eat like that



    In my 50s here and enjoy both pooping and wetting my pants although I wet more often than pop. Would be nice to make friends my age who also enjoy this. Going in bed is also nice sometimes.



    I am 52 and have been deliberately crapping my pants for years. Particularly like doing it in public places!



    I am 62 and have been deliberately filling my pants since the age of 12. Also particularly like doing it in public places!



    I’m 58 been pooping my pants starting at age 14 I love it and crave it I now spend days weeks even in them I go about my business as usual shopping and eating out. Who cares.



    ime 57 love the feel of poo in my pants and around my cock n balls love the buldge love to squash it all in but most of all i love it when its some other guys and i get to lick his ass cock and balls clean



    68 and a male panty pooper all my life. Tried to stop but to no avail.



    I find its the other way around – I’ve only met a very few younger guys into poo n pee – but loadsa older guys ……
    I must live in the wrong part of the wrong country!!

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