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    I’m banning myself from pooping in the toilet for the next week… how else should I relieve myself…



    Same thing I do when camping alone or have the house to myself for a few days. go anywhere but the toilet; outside on the ground (where you can’t be seen), in my pants, in a diaper.



    You can poo and pee in a Child ‘s potty… or in a diapers …



    There are so many alternatives! Of course there is pants pooping. But also pooping into storage containers. Pooping into plastic bags! Pooping into the sink. Obviously pooping on the floor. Pooping in the shower or tub. Pooping onto a paper plate. Pooping into your hand. Even pooping itno a sock! (I saw a video of that once). A little imagination goes a long way!

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    I am a hungry Shit eater and you can poop directly into my mouth as i swallow….
    I can host in Hollywood or travel with Rim Chair
    i am experienced
    just into servicing Mens ass ( being fed )
    not into other scat activities



    I am poo and pee in a Child ‘s potty



    I just poo my underpants



    I really enjoy shitting in bed, sometimes with jeans and underpants so it doesn’t go everywhere. I have a diaper pail I keep in a closet and it’s fun to shit into that. Like to squat down in my garage and take a dump on the floor. Shit in my tool shed, in the garden, the back of my truck, in my truck, the bathtub, a sink, on the toilet facing backwards so my poop runs down to the floor, garbage cans, buckets, in my underwear drawer, in my sleeping bag, in a tent, when I’m taking a shower, of course shit and piss in my pants both jeans and tighty whities, on one of my play buddies, in my workboots, in freezer bags, in my socks. Anywhere you feel comfortable doing it!It’s all good…



    Try my favourite way….
    Go into the woods, drop your clothes and stand legs apart then push as hard and as quickly as you can!



    I love to get naked and go outside and shit in the middle of the street I bring paper towels and wipe so people know a human shit in the street not a animal



    Go for walks in the woods and have a good pants poop. Enjoy the warmth and odor as it all mixes with the outdoors. Clean up when you go home, but don’t put the underwear in the wash and instead pull them up for another messy time.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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