Forced to wear diapers

This is something that happened a few weeks ago between my boyfriend and I! Enjoy!

I was bent over on the bed, taking his big dick up my little butt. I could tell he was getting close to blowing his load, so I started my hand towards my own dick, so I could get ready to blow mine.

“No, you’re not allowed, bitch! ”

” What, why? ”

” You’ll see”

He thrusted into me hard and started making those sexy grunts when he’s getting ready to cum.
I felt his big dick shoot a nice, sticky load of cum into my butt.

“So why can’t I cum, huh? ”

“Cause you’re a diaper baby now!”

“What? But why? I gotta get your cum outta my butt so it doesn’t come out in my sleep”

“That’s what diapers are for, ya big baby”

He hands me a nice, big diaper (abena I think). The super thick kind, that can really take a beating. Yells for me to put it on.

Being pretty into diapers, I wasn’t inclined to argue hehe.

It had been a while since I was in a diaper; I forgot how good all the padding felt. I could feel my dick getting super hard and dripping with pre cum, which the diaper quickly absorbed.

But it was already after 2 am, so we had to be getting to bed.
I snuggled up under the blankets and was off to sleep.

I woke up before my boyfriend, having to pee really bad. I didn’t wanna get any possible leaks on the bed, so I went in the bathroom. I stood there, with athletic shorts over my diaper, and started to let little squirts of pee into it. Then, once I got more relaxed, it started to flow quicker. I forgot how good all the warm pee feels and rubbed the front of my diaper. So content wearing a nice warm diaper. But it was still pretty early, so I got back into bed and went back to sleep.

A few hours later, we both woke up. I told my bf that I had an accident (hehe) in my diaper and he told me I was a bad baby!

He spanked me a bit. I asked if I could take off the diaper now, but he said no way. So we laid in bed for a while, scrolling through our phones and drinking some coffee and water. I was drinking a lot more than I should have and had to pee again already.

He saw me make my concentration face and knew something was up. But it was too late, my diaper was getting pretty swollen now, and super warm.

“Are you peeing again, baby!? ”

” I can’t help it, master”

He flipped me over on the bed and spanked my big diapered butt some more.

“Can I be changed now, master?

“Maybe after breakfast, if you’re good”

He started cooking some eggs and bacon, and I just kept drinking coffee. I had to pee again! So I went to check how breakfast was going and let out some more pee while I was at it.

The diaper was getting really heavy now, I knew I couldn’t take much more pee.

Eventually, breakfast was finished and I was soaking! I sat down on the couch to eat my food and felt my pee soaked diaper squish under my butt. By now the coffee was getting to me, and I could feel a stinkies brewing.

I ate up super quick and told him I had to go poopy. He said, I had better not stink up my diaper.

“Well, can I change now, then? ”

” No way, diaper bitch”

At that point, I had no alternative. I got up and bent over the couch. I started pushing to make a poopy but more pee trickled out at first. My diaper was SO soaked now.

My boyfriend looked at me in amazement, “Are you STILL peeing?!”

“I’m sorry, master. I drank too much coffee and water! ”

Then, I felt it coming. A big solid poopy. I couldn’t wait to have it in my diapey. I grunted and pushed out the poopy, and with a *sclortch* the back of my diapey tented out and sagged with a big, stinky warm poop pile, mixed with all the cum he filled me up with last night

” Now you’ve really done it, baby! You need be punished for this! You expect me to clean up this huge mess?? ”

He bent me over the couch and started spanking me, super hard. It was squishing my big poop all over my butt!

“This is what you get, naughty boy!

I could feel my solid poop squishing all over my butt. It felt amazing. My dick was leaking pre cum like crazy.

After my stinky poopy was sufficiently squished all over me, he reachdd his hand in the front of my diapey and started to stroke my dick, while gently patting my poop bulge.

“You’re already a filthy mess, what’s one more? ”

He started jacking off my pulsing hard on, harder and harder. It didn’t take long before I felt a huge load of cum, poised to flow out of my dick.

As he started the last stroke that would start my dick to shoot sticky cum all into my wet, poopy diapey, I grunted loudly, in sheer ecstasy. “UNGHH UNGHH UNGHH” I grunted. As the sticky mess shot into my diaper and I felt his hand pressing my warm poop on my butt.

The end

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