Fond on thé net, from D,B, Pushi plumbing

The ringing of the phone startled me when I was happily in one of my usual pig masturbations. My name is Patrick Duckling, 28 years old. I am gay and a real pig. I often wank at home stark naked and sniffing my own dirty body. I don’t have showers more often than once a month or less. I take my clothes off at home and spend hours jerking off as I sniff my feet or pits, and I bring an empty glass and piss in there and drink my pee from time to time. I like shitting on the floor and smell my own shit and I often taste it. And when I am on the edge of orgasm, I even puke a little and eat something more of my own digestion. That day I had shat but not puked yet when the phone rang. I have a plumbing company called Pushi and I was my own boss and the only employee. When people asked me about the name, I lied and told them Pushi was a Japanese heroine and they asked no further questions. Now one Mr. Wayne Roberts was calling. He said that his toilet was clogged. I had unclogged toilets many times. I enjoyed touching and smelling some other guy’s shit so I hope I could see some shit. But this Mr. Roberts could be married. It would not be right to have a hard on when I got to his house if his wife was there. He could also be somebody I didn’t fancy at all. All the time I was talking on the phone I was picking my nose. I like the smell of my nose too and somehow wanted to turn his masculine voice into smell. He told me his address and I had to go to his house two hours later. I still had some time to enjoy my masturbation. Customers did not mind I stank. They only wanted a skilful worker who took their problems away. I had more than one hour ahead yet. I had had a tiring morning and after lunch I like having at least two hours’ masturbation before I return to work. I puked a little. Now I enjoyed more the smell my dining-room was getting, though my smell of sweat was all over the house. Finally after an hour and a half jacking off, I needed to cum. I only needed to raise my arms and sniff a bit my ripe armpits. I came enjoying the orgasm as every day and continued jacking off awhile for I knew what pleasure my cock got by wanking after I have shot my load and cumming a second time. I would leave my cum on the floor in order to see it again when I come back. I put my clothes back on and left, but I still had some time to have a coffee in a bar, which I did have hoping Mr. Roberts was at least a kind man. I arrived to his address very early cause he lived very close. I was talking to him on the intercom and he told me he lived on the first floor, with only one flat. When I went up the stairs I could notice a strong smell of sweat. It aroused me. It was a man’s smell. “But don’t get aroused too soon”, I thought. Somebody may have been here recently. The smell was stronger when I reached the first floor. I rang the bell. Soon Mr. Roberts opened the door.

I was received then by the cutest and dirtiest of men. He smiled and soon I saw he had a big erection. He had nothing on but his shorts and his t-shirt. He was barefoot, and his feet stank, though it was hard to perceive any smell, the stench of shit being so heavy filling the entire house. For a moment I thought it was like entering a sewer. Later I could see his toe nails were black. He had blonde, short, curly hair. It was dirty too. Stains of sweat filled his face. He had a white t-shirt with sweat stains all over, but something more. It seemed as if this gentleman liked wiping his fingers in the t-shirt when eating and I could even smell food on it, mostly cheese. And some stains reminded me of snot, as if he wiped his nose there after blowing it instead as on a handkerchief. But I think I even saw a rot black booger there. His shorts had huge dark yellow stains as if he only changed his shorts once a month.

-Pushi plumbing? –He asked.

-Pushi plumbing is only me, Patrick Duckling.
-Wayne Roberts here. You can call me Wayne. What does Pushi mean?

-It is a Japanese heroine –I said as usual-. I hope I have all necessary things here. I have more things in my van on the street. What’s the matter?

-My toilet has been clogged for a week. I didn’t know how to unclog it. I sometimes had to shit. It was inevitable, though many times I entered a bar to shit. But suddenly I needed to take a dump in the morning hours and I am afraid the toilet is full of shit –I loved listening to his shitting routines.

-I am used to shit –I hoped all my words had a double meaning then. This gentleman was the man I most wanted to hook up. Never before had I had such an erection or seen such a dirty man. I didn’t care I had a boner. He had a hard on too. But I hope I am not disillusioned later. He could talk to me about his wife next.

-Will you please come to the bathroom? This house is very small and the bathroom is on the right as you must have noticed by the stench.

Hardly had I walked a few steps when I saw the bathroom, on the right, where the smell of shit came from. My eyes also saw that there was a very dirty bathtub, clearly unused. But it was a show to see his toilet. It was absolutely overstuffed with shit, all he had shat this week. Any other man could not stand that stench, but I loved it and even felt like touching it and eating it. There was a bucket inside the bathtub and I asked him to approach it so I could first remove the shit and fill the bucket with it. I started to take his stinking shit into the bucket with my own hands.

-Do you not use gloves? –He asked. He did not seem disgusted.

-I prefer not to use them. It is impossible later to take shit stains off a glove. It is easier with your own hands. Finally you wash your hands and that’s all.

-Do you not feel disgust?

-I have touched shit a lot of times. Something common in my job. I don’t mind.

-I should have removed the shit before.

“You certainly should” I thought “It’s strange. Any other customer would have. Why didn’t you?” But I was glad he hadn’t.

Suddenly he asked.

-Is it not too hot?

-It is.
And then he took off his t-shirt. Now he was only in shorts. My God. That was dirt. His sweat had shaped dirty streets all over his chest. There was something more and it was clearly rotten snot. “Do you blow your nose in your chest?” I wondered. Then I noticed for the first time he smelled of something else. I perceived a clear smell of garbage. His dirty shorts kept his huge erection. How I wish you took off the only thing you are wearing now. I thought it was too hot for me too and I also took my shirt off. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I think I saw him looking at my naked chest and even his cock went harder. I continued touching his shit; it was wonderful to be allowed to touch what your stomach has produced for a week. Then he suddenly asked.

-Would you like a beer?

-Yes, thank you.

He was absent then for some minutes. I awaited this man who turned me on so much, but in three minutes he was back. He handed me the bottle of beer. I did it on purpose. My hands were already very dirty with shit. I grasped the bottle neck with my shitted hands wanting to stain it with shit so I could taste his shit later. I also wanted to try to hook up this sexy man, and I had to show him how I really was. I took the bottle and I started to drink, of course with some shit in the neck. The taste of this guy’s shit was delicious. I did not want to leave his sewer, I mean his house. I drank and drank with the mixed tastes of beer and shit. I had to ask him.

-Do you have no girlfriend?

-No, I live on my own. I used to have a boyfriend once, but well he fell in love with another guy and left me. One question, don’t you really feel any disgust?

He was gay and he must have noticed I was having some shit of his with every sip of beer!

-I don’t feel any disgust, but sometimes customers do. Once I was working for a cute guy –I had to inform him- and he also watched me picking his shit. He suddenly puked. But he was so close to me that he puked on my t-shirt.

-What did you do?

-Nothing. I did not want him to feel uncomfortable and asked him to leave the bathroom. I did not change my t-shirt or take it off. I went home with this guy’s puke on my t-shirt. When I got home, I couldn’t help it and had to jack off smelling his puke. It is still in my wardrobe. I never washed it and sometimes I jack off with it.

-Good, it’s nice to know you don’t mind that which is not important.

I had finished removing his shit. I continued drinking the shitted beer, sometimes staining the bottle neck with more shit. He said he was gonna take the bucket to the dining-room. “Why are you doing that?” I thought. It was easy what I had to do next. The toilet was clogged with some toilet paper. I pulled it and pretended to do more things later but I was sure his toilet would work again when I flushed. In fact, I could perfectly flush. Now it was faultless. I feared to leave this house and say goodbye to this sexy dirty man. Now we would talk about the price, I thought. I went to the washbasin to wash my hand. He told me there was a soap dish close to the tap which I could use. The soap dish was as dirty as everything in his house, clearly stained. But I didn’t use it. I would wash them but nothing else. I wanted the smell of his shit to still be in my hands when I got home. Time had come. Could I tell him something like “you’re hot, man. I would do anything you wanted to please you.” But suddenly he asked me.

-Would you like a coffee now, Patrick? Can I call you Patrick? Of course you can call me Wayne.

-I love coffee, Wayne –coffee was the same to me. I couldn’t believe this sexy man was inviting me to a coffee. I did not have to leave yet and I could think things twice so as to check if I could after all have some sex with him.

-I think I have a box of chocolates somewhere. Do you like chocolates?

-I love them.

-So come to the dining room, please and wait for me.

There was a big couch in there and a small armchair on the right close to the bucket of shit. Of course I sat where I could smell his shit better. But he also told me.

-You can say of course not now. But I am usually totally nude at home when I am alone and I would like to be naked when we are having coffee and chocolates. So would you mind if I took off my shorts?

-Make yourself at home –I said, eager to see his complete nudity. His cock was not so big, but I don’t care about size. Then when he was walking to the kitchen I could see his ass. It was a hot ass and oh how I would desire to fuck it.

So I sat down close to the bucket of shit and awaited his return. I would like to take my clothes off too, but I preferred waiting to see what could happen now. I was not at home and he could feel upset. But suddenly I perceived a sound I knew very well and always aroused me. This guy was puking somewhere. I felt like going to the kitchen to see and enjoy, but also because I was worried about him, for he could be choking. The sound soon ended. He came first to bring both coffees and I could see again his hot cock moving freely despite the erection. He turned to the kitchen and soon approached the box of chocolates. I could not believe it. He had puked on the box. Vomits covered half of the box. I would be sitting smelling his shit in the bucket, his puke on the chocolates and his sweated naked body.

-I have nothing more to accompany the coffee. I couldn’t help but puke and I thought I would bring the box nevertheless. There are many chocolates with no puke on them. You can choose them and eat them.

He put the puked box of chocolates on the table. I loved the smell of his puke. I drank a bit of my coffee and then I chose one of the chocolates with puke on them, in fact one of the most puked ones. I picked it up with no disgust and ate it, celebrating the taste.

-A perfect combination of tastes, thank you.

He smiled and picked a new puked chocolate and ate it looking at me with no disgust.

-We can have our coffees now and our chocolates, puke or not. I like that you are not disgusted at anything, Patrick. By the way, I also want to know if you have a boyfriend.

-I have never had one. I have never fallen in love. Meanwhile I don’t need one. I want to enjoy sex.
-You could have the man you liked. You are very attractive.

-Thanks, Wayne. So are you.

I liked our conversation now.

-Well, I am a garbage collector and I must soon go to work. I don’t work on Tuesdays but a coworker has a temperature and has asked me to make his shift today. I have to start at five and I will return at nine. I wonder, would you like to stay here tonight?

I couldn’t believe he was asking me to stay with him. He stood up and started to put on his garbage collector uniform. It was on a nearby wardrobe in the dining room. If I had enjoyed seeing him naked, I really enjoyed watching him now as he was putting his uniform on. It couldn’t be dirtier or smellier. Stains of garbage filled it completely. He wore no shorts now. He would go commando. Dark garbage stains embellished more the dirt of this dirty man. The smell was intoxicating, combined with the smells of puke and shit there were in his dining room. I want a Mr. Roberts in my life, I thought. But I had not answered yet.

-I have nothing to do tonight. Why not? I might like to spend the night here.

-I only have a bed, but if you don’t like sleeping with me, I can sleep on the couch. Or we could sleep together. My bed is very narrow but I think there is room for both. I go to sleep naked as I spend all day at home. I won’t have any clothes on unless you ask me. I don’t think I need a shower soon. But you tell me.

-I will spend the night with you and you won’t have to sleep on the couch. I think neither of us needs a shower so soon. I am not used to sleeping naked but I could even try how I like to sleep naked beside you.

-Good, Patrick. Look, can you see this key? I will come back at about nine. You can go out for a walk and come back and open, or you can wait for me comfortably here in this sewer of mine, I mean house. But please all the time make yourself at home. There is nothing you can do in your own house that you can’t do here. In this wardrobe I have some porn movies in case you want to have that fun. Move freely through the house and do whatever comes to your mind.

-Thanks, Wayne. I will wait for you here.

Then we shook hands and he left, reminding me he would be back soon. I liked his smell trail as he was leaving. Now I was alone in this sewer of his and could have some fun.

So I was alone in this sewer of his. I had to think now how I would spend those four hours but I knew well I did not want to go out. I will stay here. He had asked me to stay, to sleep with him in a narrow bed; we would be naked and unwashed. He had seen me eating his shit and his puke; he had told me to do in that house of his which he had called his sewer anything I would do in my own house. So I thought we would have some sex tonight. And I was going to have fun somehow before he returned. So I started by taking off my clothes. I wanted to be the whole afternoon stark naked. It was said and done. I put my clothes on the couch, was a while inhaling the mixture of perfumes there were in his dining-room and returned to the bathroom to see again his dirty bathtub and remember the fun I had when I was in there. I flushed the toilet and saw it worked perfectly now. It was a pity there was no more shit but there was a bucket full of shit in the dining-room, where I returned. Now I wanted to see all the house and I moved to the kitchen, one of the two rooms on the left. The house was very small.

The kitchen floor was clearly unmopped and if I entered I had to stain my feet. Well, why not? His smell of sweat was everywhere, in there too. And soon I saw he had a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink. Everything told me about his dirt. I was getting harder. I had to enter the other room on the left which must be the bedroom where we would sleep together tonight. I was horny seeing his unmade bed, the yellow color of his sheets, his sweat. I had to approach the bed and smell him. He seemed to have left his silhouette there. I did not only smell some sheets; I smelled Wayne. He was there with me and I couldn’t help but start jacking off. I was for ten minutes with my nose on his sheets and jacking off. I had to cum and I thought I would cum there to homage Wayne’s smell. “I hope you don’t mind I cum here”. Once I had relaxed I went back to the dining-room. There was a small closet under the TV set. I opened it. It was full of porn movies. Those on the left I was looking were standard gay porn movies, but soon I saw he had more than fifty movies on the right which were gay scat porn movies! I chose one I had never seen before. It was a one hour and a half movie. I played it and sat on the armchair next to the bucket of shit.

I was horny as hell now watching an orgy of four young men doing every pig thing. When they started to shit and later ate what they had shat, I remembered I had a bucket full of Wayne’s shit beside me. I had to eat some of it now. When he came back I wanted him to see my teeth full of his shit. If he didn’t notice I would tell him I had been eating some of his shit. On the table there still was the box of puked chocolates. I love chocolates and puke but I had never tasted both together. So I was picking some of his shit the rest of the movie and eating every now and then some other puked chocolates. It was much better than my pig masturbations at home. Now it had Wayne’s tastes. I was like this the entire movie but there was one hour and a half ahead at least for Wayne’s return, so I chose another movie which had guys puking in the video cover. I cummed on the floor and started a new masturbation. I liked this second porn movie more. It had everything, even the impossible to find nose snot, a lot of puke, shit, piss and pig sex later. Some looked like unwashed men. A pity smells cannot be sniffed in movies. I was all the time eating shit and puked chocolates and wanking of course and getting a whiff of Wayne’s smell on the room. The movie ended and I cummed. Now I had to piss. I would have preferred to find a glass, piss in there and drink it later but I was not at home and didn’t dare so I went to the now repaired toilet and pissed with a hand always on the stream of piss staining it. Then I took it to my mouth and licked it. I sat down again on the dining-room armchair waiting for his arrival. It was now a quarter past nine. I was five more minutes wanking and inhaling this hot dude’s smell when I felt his key. He had come back home.

As soon as he entered he could see me totally nude on the armchair, he said good evening and smiled. He approached me and kissed my mouth.
-I am glad you were having some fun -he was looking at my two cums on the floor. And soon he started to take off his uniform. Seeing Wayne taking off his clothes again with his enormous erection made my dick even harder. It was so good he had come back and everything seemed ok so far. Then he saw the porn movies I had been watching.

-Two of my favourite ones –he said once totally nude again.

-I hadn’t seen them before, though I have a lot of gay scat movies at home.

He could perceive his shit in my mouth then.

-I see your teeth are full of shit.

-I couldn’t help it. When I saw these dudes eating shit, I remembered I had a bucket full of shit beside me and had to eat some and some puked chocolates too.

-I am glad you have had fun and cummed twice.

-Three times. I was sniffing your sheets and enjoying your smell so much that I had to cum on your sheets.

-So far my sheets, but if you still want to come to bed with me, it will be our sheets tonight. I am glad you have already had fun on your sheets.

-I have –and I couldn’t help but ask him-, are we gonna have some sex in them?

He smiled and said.

-If you really want to have some sex with this dirty man, you will.

-I really wish.

-Then we will. But you are my guest now. First, I think we should have dinner. Why don’t you come with me to the kitchen?

I accompanied him to that dirty room, his kitchen. He asked me if I was hungry and asked me if I wanted an appetiser and he opened the fridge.

-I have strawberries here.

-I don’t like strawberries.

-A pity. Well, I don’t have any cream at home. I season them in my armpits.

He was a long while rubbing strawberries in his right armpit.

-I think I would love strawberries now.

And he gave me the one he had just rubbed on his armpit. I ate it with an appetite now. The flavor of his armpit was excellent to make me like fruits I didn’t usually like. He gave me then a second strawberry and asked me please to rub it in my armpit. I did and he ate the strawberry. Then we approached the sink and he opened a cupboard over it.

-Let’s see. I have a lot of canned food. I don’t like cooking. We have lentils, beans, vegetable stew, dogfood, rice…
-Do you have a dog?

-I don’t. I buy dogfood for me. I like the taste.

-I have never tasted it, but I would.

-Dogfood then? I won’t have to warm up the meal.

-Dogfood then.

-You can wait for me in the dining-room. I will bring everything there and leave the box of chocolates in case you want to eat any more for dessert.

-Ok, Wayne. I would like to help you but I will do as you prefer. I will be waiting for you in the dining-room.

I sat again in the armchair close to which was of course the bucket with his shit. I intended to eat some of his shit at dinner too. Soon he came back with dogfood on two of his dirtiest unwashed dishes.

-I hope you like dinner –he said and went to the kitchen again. Soon he came back carrying two empty glasses.

-I have not asked you what you want to drink. I can bring you a beer or something. But I like having my dinner with a glass of my own piss. I will fill it now unless you would be so kind as to fill my glass with your pee.

-I also have my dinners with a glass of my pee. I will fill your glass if you fill mine with your pee too.

So we agreed and took both glasses and filled them with pee. Then we toasted and drank something before sitting to dine. I had a snack of his shit in the bucket first. I wanted to have a pig dinner with him now and I wanted him to see how pig I was. He smiled and said nothing but lit a cigarette, saying he always smoked when dining. He smoked very little but always when he was dining and offered me one. I don’t smoke but I accepted one and lit the cigarette. The smoke of our cigarettes was another smell for this scented dinner. And it smelled better when I could smell he had farted. The best smell for dinners, I thought, and farted too. He had brought no fork and started to eat dogfood with his own hands. He also spat on the ashtray. I had no fork either but did not ask him for one. I ate one more puked chocolate, took a sip of the piss and spat on the ashtray too. I even blew my nose on the ashtray. He picked up some of my snot and ate it. Then I started to eat dogfood with my own hands. Smell of garbage was also present. His stained uniform was on the couch. He sometimes ate a bit of my snot. I ate some more of his shit, took some from the bucket and spread it on the dogfood. He asked me to pick some more and spread it on his meal too. I did.

-Do you like the dogfood? –he asked putting out his cigarette and lighting a second one. I even licked the ash on his ashtray.

-I wish there were restaurants where you can ask for dogfood.

-I wish there were restaurants where you can play dirty with your meal as we are doing, but you may come here whenever you want and have pig dinner here with me.

-I suppose you won’t go to the shower before going to bed.

-I won’t but I hope you won’t either. We are not so dirty, are we?

-Not yet.

Now we had finished the wonderful dogfood, piss and shit dinner. He still had his second cigarette. My left foot was dangling near him. I don’t know if he did it deliberately but suddenly he burnt my foot with the cigarette. Seeing I stood the pain, now he intentionally put out his cigarette on my foot. I thought I would not cry and allowed him.

-I am so sorry I have burnt you. I have some ointment but I think the best way to heal your burn is with my saliva.

Then he started to lick my stinking foot. He seemed to like the stench. It was calming. But he licked my whole foot, not only the burn. And then he mentioned he would also lick my other foot. He was for two minutes clearly enjoying the scent and taste and then he said.

-Fortunately I have not burnt your cock, but I think I will blow you so you are calmer.

He started licking my balls. I had a huge boner seeing he wanted to please me. He was slowly up my cock, was a long while in my glans and finally swallowed it complete. He was an expert. I moaned frequently and he smiled, saying we didn’t need to be a couple but if I wanted to have sex with him often we should be lovers and I could come here every now and then to have sex. He would give me the key and added he would like to know my house and hoped it had my smell

-My smell is everywhere –I said in the midst of my pleasure-. I also want you to know my house and want you to sleep in my bed with me too. I think you are right, Wayne, and we should be lovers. I would like to have sex with you every day. All I ask of men is that they smell like you.

-Then can I say we are lovers now?

-You can. We are lovers.

-So enjoy the blowjob, Patrick.

I would have liked to find words to describe to him what my pleasure was and how it was possible after having been blown so many times that his blowjob seemed to me my first one. But it was pleasure as I never had felt before, mixed with the pleasure of his smell which surrounded me. I farted near his mouth and seeing he moaned I continued farting all the time he was sucking my cock. I was completely on fire and every minute I was twisting and moaning, and hearing him say once and again he wanted to show his lover how he used to suck dicks. He came back to my balls often and then returned to lick my entire cock up to my glans, and swallowed again. He asked me please to piss and I pissed in his hot mouth. He drank and moaned and kept on sucking. I don’t know how I could resist for ten minutes but it was finally ten minutes and I couldn’t hold it any longer and cummed in his mouth. I apologized for not having told him but he said he preferred to be surprised.

-I think we should go to bed now, but first I have a strong urge to shit. I know the toilet in the bathroom works now but I am a toilet too and think the house has three toilets now for I have seen you enjoying my piss, shit and puke, and I don’t know what to think. So I prefer you would tell me where I should shit.

-In my mouth, of course.

-Then I hope you like my shit. I have to pee first. Would you like my pee too?

-Of course.

-Then open your mouth.

I did and a new stream of warm piss fell into my throat again. I wanted him to know for good where the toilet was and I drank as naturally as if I were drinking milk. When he finished he asked again if I wanted his shit. I answered “shit in my mouth please, and don’t forget to fart”. He then approached his ass to my mouth, I opened it and he instantly started to fart. I was licking his ass for a good while smelling his continuous farts and waiting eagerly for his shit. I didn’t have to wait for long. Soon there came to me his shit which was not exactly diarrhea but it was soft shit, almost liquid. It had a pungent smell and a different taste from his shit in the bucket I had tasted so many times. A new dirty flavor which I really enjoyed. It was just two minutes with a lot of farts but I ate it all enjoying every turd and with no sign of disgust. I told him I wanted him to use this toilet often.

Then he asked me if I had to shit. I answered it was not urgent but I could shit something and asked which toilet he preferred I used. He said his mouth of course but I also had to piss again, and stuck my dick in his mouth, felt again his warm breath as he wanted to blow me again and I pissed quickly so he would not suck my dick now. It was the same. He kept on sucking, but I offered him again a long stream of piss.

-As you don’t seem to want a second cum now, you will shit me next. Remember I am the toilet now. Fart, shit and I would even ask you for some puke. I have not tasted yours yet.

He came to my ass then with open mouth. I farted and farted, making him wait. I hoped he liked my shit too. I started two minutes after I had begun to fart. When he sensed my shit, he started to praise it, before tasting it but it was obvious he was used to eating shit. He chewed my turds as if they were chocolates, moaned and rejoiced. I think I was shitting for five minutes, very slowly and he was savouring it with no hurry, chewing with pleasure among my constant farts. When I finally said I had finished he said “now, some puke, please”. I kissed his mouth eagerly and started to puke. He started to wank in that moment, already eating puke and saying he hoped there was much more. I said not too much and continued puking. After a minute I took a new puked chocolate, ate it so we were both eating the same at the same time and said that would be the last time I would puke in case he wanted to cum. He cummed eating my puke and sighed later, completely satisfied.

-I think we should go to bed now.

-First we should wipe our asses and brush our teeth.

-Why on Earth should we do that?

-Wayne, you are an absolute poem of dirt, a poem to the beauty of being dirty and smelly. I want to lick your whole dirty body in bed, but if I don’t brush my teeth I won’t do it. You can go out tomorrow or go to work smelling of sweat, but not smelling of shit. You would need to have a shower first and if we are lovers I would prefer you with a new month unwashed. So if I lick your dirty body, I would enjoy the taste of shit in my saliva but you will need a shower. I prefer losing something so I can win your sweaty smell for longer. And I will also need a shower if you lick me with your shitted mouth now. You decide what I should do.

-You are right. You are my lover now, Patrick. I am your lover and toilet. I like your points of view. Let’s continue unwashed, you and me. And so we can go on enjoying our stench, let’s go to the bathroom, wipe our asses, brush our teeth and go to bed later.

-Let’s go. I am also your lover and toilet, remember.

I also enjoyed the time in the bathroom. I like watching dudes wiping their asses. Then it was a good show to see both of us brushing our teeth in the same mirror. We were losing some dirt so as not to lose the wonderful dirt of the dirty bodies of two dirty men. Then he kissed me and invited me to finally go to bed.

I had been eager all day to enter that scented oasis. He was near the wall and entered first, and then I came in closer to the door. Soon after I had begun to enjoy the touch of his dirty naked skin, he kissed me and we spent almost five minutes kissing in no hurry, a long French kiss. We were lovers and had to show ourselves that both liked this situation. But I told him I was going to blow him, for I knew that pleasure with him but he still didn’t know what my tongue was capable to do. Never had I had suck a dirty cock in my mouth but the taste was so good that it made me learn new movements with my tongue and his smell accompanied my sucking making me an expert now, me, who had sucked so many cocks. This is the best blowjob I have ever had, Patrick, he told me. I spent a little time licking his balls, licking and kissing his groins and his perineum and finally returned to his cock. He said he could not hold it much longer and I said cum whenever you like but I hope it is a long cum showing your pleasure. I couldn’t finish the word “pleasure”, he was cumming. I swallowed all his nectar and then told him I wanted to have pleasure now with his feet and pits.

-Do what you want. I will return the pleasure to you later.

His feet were cinnamon and his pits were cumin. Savouring man’s sweat was like entering a garden perfumed with your favourite smells. I was five minutes with both his feet and there was not a pore without my saliva. The heels, the bridge, the instep, each one of his toes, in between them, the soles, everything. My tongue was moving on one of its favourite landscapes. After five minutes I went to his pits. That was my favourite smell; especially Wayne’s pits and I would be longer. The sweat in his scarce hair was to me like the fountain of life. So many times I had thought this when my armpits smelled: “my pits stink, I am smelling life; I am alive”. Now I would feel alive whenever I smelled Wayne’s pits and more alive when I tasted them. I was wanking madly. I had to cum with his armpits. I think I was five minutes with each when I finally shouted: “wonderful garden of sweat, I am cumming with you.”

Then it was him who started to lick my feet. “Now I have a second sweated garden and it is my turn for pleasure”. Talking when he was licking my feet gave me a new sensation. I felt his breath which helped his tongue on its way through my stinking hills. The other foot. He told me he was travelling down a beautiful country and now he was visiting a new scented town and wanted to know it well. He said he would explore now the town of my armpits and he wanted slowly to know its sights and keep the smell of each of its streets. He was not so much time as I had been but his sightseeing tour was also long.

Then he turned and asked me to fuck him. His hot ass waiting for my cock was like a capricious child awaiting a present. I took a minute to look at my lover’s ass and groped it to see how he moaned and then I attacked. My penis said it wanted to rest a long time in this generous inn that had previously given me its shit. I was piercing his bowels, deep and deep, conquering that territory which would be mine after now, examining every inch of muscles and hair. I was walking slowly my new country and enjoying the stroll. Finally I cummed as if I was setting my flag there and my semen was the conqueror. Now it was his turn to make my ass his country.

I felt him sure and conqueror too. His cock was a dragon burn which took possession of my burning fields. He was fertilizing my earth which awaited patiently the rain of his first cum on my furrows. He moved horny piercing anew my many times pierced flesh. If there is a single spot in my ass that has not been touched before, please touch it with your dick so my land is totally touched and pierced by its new owner. He not only fucked me; he was kissing me, groping me, surrounding me with his sweated perfume, filling me with more drops of his sweat, rhythmic, hot, arousing, energetic. And finally he cummed kissing me all the time and thanking Patrick for having become his lover.

Exhausted after the battle, we kissed and talked for half an hour, speaking of the life we would have after today as lovers. Feeling his warmth on my skin I tried to sleep a bit and finally managed. Next day he said good morning to me kissing my cock. This is a habit between us, kissing our cocks good morning. He used to work in the afternoons, from 4 to 10. So I invited him to go to my house and know it. I would go to work when someone phoned me but I would connect my mobile phone once I was there. Finally he could know my scented house and he told me he wanted to sleep there tonight. I gave him a key and said we could sleep there that night. But now we spend a week in one house and a week in the other. We are pig lovers, eating every day a bit of what our bodies produce, having sex each day, in our beds or anywhere in both houses. We have agreed we would go to the shower only once every two months. We are lovers now. I have gone to see him start work many days dressed in one of his uniforms smelling of garbage.

-What does really Pushi stand for? –He asked me one day.

-It stands for puke and shit of course.

He laughed. Well, now he really knows when I have a customer to deal with whenever I am startled by the phone.

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