Five have plenty of fun

Harry’s willy instantly shrunk and popped out of his cousin’s bottom.
‘Shit’, Harry exclaimed.
Smack, a hand connected hard with his left buttock.
‘Ouch, you wanker, that hurt’.
Next thing he knew he was laying over Ewan’s knee receiving the spanking of his life. Smack, smack, smack, smack. ‘Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch’, the boy exclaimed.
‘You, smack, do, smack, not, smack, swear, smack, do, smack, you, smack, under, smack, stand, smack’, asked Ewan emphasizing each syllable with a hard spank.
Harry’s bottom was on fire and he was crying real tears.
‘Un, sob, der, sob, stood, sob, sir, sob’, he answered.
Tom watched all this in amazement oblivious that he was leaking a mixture of wee and poo out of his poohole, streaking his legs.
After the punishment meted out to young Tom it was obvious that Peter and Dylan had quite approved of the spectacle, showing by the swelling in their shorts.
‘Well’, said Peter eventually, what to do next then’?
Tom stood rubbing his red bottom vigorously while his cousin finally started to realize what picture he painted, desperately tried to get out of the bath and dry himself off.
‘What about, said Dylan, if we take them over to our place for the rest of the weekend. Mum and dad are away and we’d have the whole place to ourselves’.
‘Interesting’, said his brother.
‘Mmmmm’, agreed Peter. ‘I’ll get the car, you get these two ready’.
‘Right, said Dylan, where are those nappies’.
Silently Tom walked out of the room and came back moments later with two nappies.
‘Thanks, now lay on the floor legs up and I will nappy you up’.
Tom obeyed the request and had his red bottom expertly pampered.
Ewan had started to clean up Harry in the meanwhile gently washing the boy’s bottom with lots of soap and slowly fingering the young lad’s little hole.
‘Mmmmmmmmm’, moaned the lad.
‘Oi, shouted Dylan, don’t do that, leave some for me’!
Harry moaned louder and shouted in ecstasy, ‘Yessssssss ahhhhhhh go on please’. And with that he started to come, Dylan managed to move before the first drop was spilled and put his mouth around the young boy’s willy, greedily drinking the white warm boys milk. It filled his mouth and there seemed to be no end to the supply. Of course the end came and Harry just let himself go sitting on the bottom of the bath with a bang. The young lad looked drained.
‘Wow, said Dylan, after swallowing the last lot, how often can you do that’?
Harry failed to answer just sitting in the bath looking totally spent.
Ewan looked pleased with himself even though he did not get a taste of the boy’s cum. He reached into the bath and gently lifted Harry out,’ come on my little soldier, he said, let’s dry you and get you in a nappy’.
Harry just let the older boy manipulate him. Within minutes he too was pampered up. At that moment Peter walked in and said,’ the car is ready for you gents’.
‘Right let’s go’.
They made quite a little procession the two younger boys waking gingerly.
‘What’s the matter with Harry? Why is he walking so gingerly? Did he get spanked too?’
‘No, said Dylan licking his lips, Harry got rewarded for being a good boy!’
Peter walked outside and had a quick glance right and left to see if there was no one about, it could draw questions why two fourteen year old lads were walking along the street with just nappies as clothing.
‘All clear, hurry’.
Everyone managed to get in the large Landrover of Peter without being seen.
Dylan sat in the front with Peter while the others sat in the back Although sat wasn’t quite right, Harry was leaning on Ewan’s shoulder while Tom’s sore bottom prevented him from using that part of his anatomy so he lay out across the knees of Ewan and Harry on his tummy.
It was not long before the two lads were asleep.
After about half an hour Dylan started fidgeting and he said ‘sorry guys can’t hold it’, and with that he pooed his pants. Tom who laid with his head in Dylan’s lap must have noticed as he let out a tremendous sneeze in his sleep, the snot covering the front of Dylan’s trousers. The two guys in the front just smiled and opened the windows.

After a pretty uneventful rest of the journey they arrived at their destination. Peter keyed in the four digit code that would let them in the walled private grounds. Arriving at the house Ewan jumped out and unset the house alarm while Dylan gently woke up Tom by rubbing the boy’s diapered bottom. The boy stirred and looked up, ‘where am I’?
You are at my house came the answer.
Harry had still not woken up so Dylan gently kissed him on the mouth, he was surprised the kiss was responded to by a tongue darting in his mouth. Obviously Dylan was not sad about this response and hungrily kept going. Harry woke with a start, what was going on?
Dylan withdrew from the kiss as nothing had happened.
‘Where am I’, came the question as uttered only moments before.
‘We’re at their house’, was his cousin’s reply.
Both boys exited the Landrover followed slowly by Dylan.
‘What’s the matter with you’, asked Tom.
Blushing red the answer came, ‘I pooed myself’.
Harry giggled at the older boy’s revelation. ‘You need spanking’, he laughed. With that he knelt in front of the older boy’s trousers and undid his belt, the button was undone and the zip pulled down before Dylan could object. Next his trousers were around his ankles and he was turned round showing off a brown stained pair of white pants. Before he realized he was pulled over the young boy’s knee, who had sat down on the outside step of the house.
Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank it went on the pooed white pants spreading the poo all over his bottom.
Truthfully Dylan did not mind at all and actually quite enjoyed it.
‘My turn, my turn’, shouted Tom.
Dylan pretended to be shocked, ‘please no’, he shouted, but it was evident from his face that this was not the punishment it was meant to be. Pretend shy he walked over to Tom, who janked off the older boy’s pants. This revealed a hard willy and brown bottom.
‘Lay over my knee’, came the command.
Dylan did as he was told.
Without qualms Tom spanked the brown pooey buttocks. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. It went furiously. Obviously this was revenge of the sweetest kind.
Dylan’s bottom started to smart but he did not show this, he knew this was meant to hurt.
Next thing he knew he felt a finger disappear up his dirty poohole pushing the poo back in as it were. Two fingers now, three now, Dylan moaned softly. Then the boy wiped his bottom with his hand and grabbed his rock hard willy with his pooey mit. Gently he massaged the older boy’s stiff member taking care to get poo everywhere. It was not long before Dylan came with great gusto spurting his white cum into the young boy’s face.
‘Wow’, it came in unison from Peter and Ewan at the back of Tom.
‘Hang on, said Peter, bend over Dylan, please’, while he undid his belt and trousers and dropped them.
Dylan did as was requested and felt Peter enter his poo lubricated hole gently. Peter started to move rhythmically moaning softly.
Ewan motioned the young boys over to the grass lawn at the front of the house. There he told Harry to lie down and he undid his nappy, it was disappointing to see this item dry and unsoiled. But he needn’t have worried, as he took his own trousers off and was bend over to take these off he felt a shower of warm wee in his face. He let the fluid fill his mouth swallowing like it was the sweetest wine. Next he knew he felt Tom’s tongue teasing his poohole moving in and out like a snake. The shower of wee continued and Ewan washed his face in it and his hair.
“Hang on, said Harry, I need a poopoo now’.
‘So do I’, came the answer from his cousin.
As if it was planned Harry rolled onto his tummy and Tom tore off his own nappy, next he sat on his cousin’s naked bottom and both boys proceeded to poo. Tom rubbed up and down mixing their poo up.
This was more than Ewan could take and without help from himself he came spontaneously spurting cum all over both boys.
Peter let out a roar and unloaded inside Dylan while Tom spurted boy juice all over his cousin’s back. The only one who had not cum this afternoon was Harry who was still spent from earlier.
Everyone got up and looked eachother over, wow 5 nude bodies covered in all kind of lovely bodily secretions.
‘I suppose we better get showered, suggested Ewan, follow me lads’, he said to no one in particular.
All followed the leader as he led them to the pool complex. The young cousins looked in amazement at the opulence displayed in front of them. A large pool, steam room, sauna all there in front of their eyes, there was even a diving board. This was fantastic.
‘Come on lads’.
The three other guys were at the end of the pool by now and entered a building which looked like a summer house. The two boys hastened themselves over.
Inside the summer house was a bank of showers where the three older guys were busying themselves mixing taps to the correct temperatures.
‘Come over here Harry’, said Peter.
Ewan beckoned Tom over.
Both boys were soaped and washed thoroughly leaving no crevice or hole unclean.
It was Tom’s turn to wash Ewan and Harry to wash Peter. Dylan had cleaned himself and asked if anyone wanted drinks. The older guys opted for beer while the boys wanted milk each.
Tom thoroughly washed Ewan’s bottom slowly inserting two fingers, he looked across to his cousin and found him in a similar position with Peter, it was obvious neither of these had pooed yet. In unison the boys moved their fingers in and out the other guys’ bottoms. As if orchestrated both bottoms in question found the insertion of fingers mixed with the need to poo too much and soft poo pressed out passed the inserted objects. Obviously the running showers soon cleaned up. The boys made extra sure by adding soap and fingering that there was nothing left to come out.
Dylan walked in with the drinks, ‘are we all cleaned up then’?
‘Cleaned out more likely’, quipped his brother.
Clean, spent, empty, nude and wet they all walked out onto the lawn to drink their drinks.
Five did definitely have plenty of fun today.

What will this intrepid five get up to next? You will have to wait for the next episode.

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