Five become six

All five guys were lying naked in the warm sunshine on the lawn of Dylan and Ewan’s house. They chatted and laughed while drinking lots of fluids to replenish those they expended over the last hours. After a while they all fell asleep.

It was Dylan who first woke up feeling quite cold, he looked at his watch and found that the afternoon was definitely ending. He looked at his compatriots who were lying in various positions in the grass. The two young boys on their tummies, Peter on his side and his brother was sleeping on his back. It was evident from Ewan’s willy that the temperature was dropping, Dylan decided that it was time to wake everyone. He started with his brother by gently moving his hand over his willy, the boy moaned softly but came to.
‘Time to wake up bro’, Dylan whispered.
Ewan stretched and looked around to see the three other guys in the mentioned positions.
‘Let’s wake the others, before they get too cold.’
The boys moved over to the two cousins and, as if orchestrated, bent over to gently kiss their smooth bottoms. This had the desired effect, the younger boys stirred and woke up. As they woke up they realised the cooling air and soon started shivering. They sat there huddled up while the two cousins woke up Peter by gently stroking his bottom.
‘It’s getting cold’, Dylan said, ‘let’s get inside.’
The cold became more evident as they all stood up.
‘We need to warm up’, said Peter.
‘I know how’, said young Tom.
‘Go on’, said his young counterpart. With that he got a stinging spank across his buttock.
‘Ow’, came the shocked reply.
‘Spanking tag, you are it’, the young scallywag laughed, running away.
Harry turned round to see who he could tag and was staring at Peter’s bottom while he was stretching down to the ground to touch his toes.
‘Smack, spank’, it went as he got both buttocks before Peter was aware what happened.
‘You’re it’, he shouted while running from the Peter’s outstretched arms.
Great fun ensued while everyone was running around not minding at all to be ‘it’. About 10 minutes later puffing and panting and with very red cheeks, both sets, they all fell down in the grass.
‘That was fun’, said Peter, puffing.
‘Ok, let’s have something to eat’, said Ewan, getting up from his sitting position. While he did so he felt his willy announcing the need for a wee-wee. He saw young Tom lying on his tummy, red bottom pointing up. This was too good an opportunity to miss and get the young boy back for the start of the great game. He stood over Tom and weed over the boy’s bottom.
‘Oi’, exclaimed the youngster but this soon turned into a moan of pleasure when he realised what was happening.
Harry watched the golden stream hit his cousin’s bottom and started washing Tom’s bottom while Ewan was weeing.
‘Mmmmmmmm’, came the reply. The boy lifted his bottom, slightly exposing his pink poohole.
Harry immediately knew what his cousin was implying and inserted his finger gently. Slowly he fingered Tom.
The three older guys just stood and watched the show, it was evident they enjoyed it muchly.
Harry stopped fingering and placed his tongue between the young boy’s buttocks licking up and down. This was greeted by more moans of ecstasy. Suddenly he stopped and sat down on the floor.
‘Come here’, he said to Tom.
Obediently Tom got up, his willy completely erect with its purple head glistening.
‘Over my knee’, came the command.
Tom did so unquestioningly.
Harry started to spank the wet bottom, first gently. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.
Then a little harder. Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.
‘Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow’, Tom said.
The bottom was getting a very nice red colour by now.
Then came the finale. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.
On the last spank Tom shot his load in Harry’s lap, covering his cousin’s willy in white warm cum.
The three spectators spontaneously applauded the show.
The boys got up from their position and took a bow, Tom making sure he showed off his red bottom.
‘That was amazing’, said Peter.
‘Wow’, said the two brothers in unison.
‘Let’s go inside and have something to eat’, suggested Ewan.
This was met with approval of the other four.

At the house it was decided to have pizzas delivered so the order was made. While they were waiting they watched a nice spanking dvd to keep everyone in the mood.
The buzzer of the gate sounded announcing the arrival of the food. Ewan pressed the electronic gate opener and two minutes later the door bell went. Ewan shot on a pair of jeans and walked up to get the pizza order.
After some five minutes he walked back in the room followed by the pizza delivery boy.
‘Gents, I managed to persuade young Jan here to join us in a bite to eat. We are Jan’s last customer and he was feeling peckish. By the way Jan is Dutch but his English is impeccable.’
The Dutch boy stood there blushing by the sight of four nude bodies, but he made no attempt to get out of the room.
‘Hello, Jan’, it came out of four mouths.
Ewan quickly introduced everyone.
‘Why does he have red arse’, were the first words Jan spoke while pointing at Tom’s behind.
‘He was naughty’, came Ewan’s reply. ‘You must not say arse though Jan, the word is bottom’.
‘Because it is a nicer word. What do you say in Holland?’
‘We have several words.’
‘Yes, so do we. What would a child call it?’
‘Ok, what about the buttocks?’
‘They are nice words, I like them. So, Jan, would you like to join us? You can show us your bips.’
‘Ok’, came the reply, and without much ado Jan took off his shirt and trousers. Jan did not wear a pair of pants or anything else underneath, so he stood there like nature intended.
It was clear that the others were very much in favour of what they saw, but Jan seemed pretty unperturbed being nude in front of a crowd of strangers. He turned round and said, ‘so you like my bottom?’
A loud approval was voiced.
‘What about, what do you call this here’, pointing at his willy.
‘Willy’, came the reply from Peter this time.
‘Ok, in Holland little boys say piemel.’
Obviously this new word had to be pronounced several times by everyone, like savouring a new drink.
‘I now need a piss.’
It was Tom who explained this time that the word was wee or wee-wee. But as he did so he took Jan’s hand and took him out of the room towards the bathroom.
‘So, how do you say this as a nice word in your language?’
‘Plassen and the other end would be drukken or poepen’.
‘Ok, the other word here is poo or poo-poo.’
Tom opened the bathroom door and said, ‘you want me to hold your piemel while you plassen then?’
The incorrect grammar made Jan laugh but he said, ‘if you like please’.
Tom grabbed Jan’s willy and aimed it into the toilet. Jan started weeing more or less straight away.
‘Wow, you were desperate’, Tom said.
‘Pardon’, came the reply.
‘You needed a wee-wee badly.’
‘Oh, yes.’
Tom could not resist and bent over to drink the other boy’s wee.
‘Wow, said Jan, you drink my piss.’
Tom immediately stopped drinking and scolded the young Dutch boy, ‘I told you that is not a good word.’
‘Ok, came the reply, I will now get billenkoek?’
‘I will get a red bottom?’
‘You mean a spanking.’
‘I mean hit on my bips.’
‘That’s right, you just come with me.’
Tom guided Jan back into the room, ‘our young Dutch friend needs his bottom seeing to for being rude, any volunteers?’
Four hands shot up in the air.
‘Why they hold their hands up, said Jan.’
‘They all want to give you, how did you say billekoe.’
‘Billenkoek’, said Jan.
‘What does that mean’, said Dylan.
‘Translated it mean buttocks cookie’, said Jan.
‘Ok, they all want to give you buttocks cookie’.
‘Ok then’, came the reply. ‘Who first.’
Dylan sat down on a stool and tapped his knees. Jan moved over and happily lay on his tummy over Dylan’s knees.
‘Six each’, said Tom.
‘What’, it came from below Dylan’s knees.
Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, was the reply.
‘That does not pain’, was the Dutch reply.
‘Ok, said Peter, my turn. ‘Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank and Spank. It went against the naked flesh.
‘Me next’, said young Harry, as he sat down on the stool.
Jan again moved over without complaint.
Smack, Spank, Smack, Spank, Smack, Spank, he hit with all his might on the now reddening buttocks.
‘That was nice’, said Jan. ‘Hang on now ik moet drukken.’
‘What’, it sounded from four mouths.
‘That’s ok, Tom said, you drukken while I smack your bottom.’
Jan looked quizzically but said,’ ok.’
Everyone looked at Tom and wondered how he managed to master this strange language so quickly.
Jan moved across Tom’s knee and, as the first smack sounded, started to poo. Tom kept spanking while the Dutch lad pooed, smearing it all over his bottom. Jan obviously enjoyed this experience as he spurted his sticky cum between Tom’s legs. Like Tom had previously done to his brother.
It was the signal to a mass spontaneous cumming of the spectators.
Tom, who had previously cum, managed a little trickle.
‘So that was good billenkoek, ja’, Jan said, contorting himself to see his red pooey buttocks.
Ewan was the first who got his senses back as he moved to Jan and grabbed his hand ‘come on let’s get you cleaned up’, he said.
Jan followed him without question to the bathroom.
Ewan turned on the shower and motioned Jan to get underneath.
When the boy got under he joined him and started washing his bottom with soap. This was met with obvious approval by Jan who, despite having cum two minutes before, started to grow quickly again.
Ewan motioned Jan to bend over and inserted a soapy finger up the boy’s poohole.
‘Ahhhhhhh,’ was the reply.
A second finger followed.
‘Mmmmmm,’ it sounded.
A third digit came into play.
‘Jaaaaaaaaaa,’ it sounded in Dutch. ‘Vinger mijn holletje.’
‘What’, Ewan said extracting his fingers.
‘Ga door’.
‘I don’t understand.’
‘Sorry’, was the reply,’ Go on finger my poohole, is that the right word?’
‘Ah yes’, came the affirmative answer.
Ewan moved his fingers gently in and out, the bottom of the young Dutchman was gyrating in front of him.
‘Ohhhhh, ahhhhhh, mmmmmmm’, was heard.
Then Ewan felt the anus tighten like a contraction around his fingers as Jan shot big white blobs of cum.
Ewan was amazed that Jan had managed to come so quick after the first time. He dried Jan with a big towel and took him back into the room.
‘This guy is a sperm dispenser’, he announced to the room. ‘You should have seen the amount of cum just after he shot his load here.’
The other guys smiled broadly at their new friend.
‘So, who fancies cold pizza’, said Dylan
Everyone was in agreement that this was the ideal way to finish the night off. Cold pizza and lots of beer for the older guys and the young boys were allowed a shandy.

After dinner it was decided that it was bed time.
‘Right who is sleeping with who’, came the question.
It was decided that Jan would sleep with Harry, Tom with Ewan and Dylan with Peter.
All six moved to their respective bedrooms, and it was not long before the house was silent.

To be continued…………

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