Um ok so i dont blog, i dont youtube, i dont really facebook apart from the odd reposting of stupid cat videos :p

but im going to attempt to keep a blog, as my life has been a “bit” interesting lately and it could be helpful for me to note things down even if nobody else reads it or finds it vaguely interesting!!

So I guess I should start with the mandatory intro post…

Hi! Im MessyChick… im a 20something british girl, i live in a house, on a road, in a town, with my partner and I enjoy regular 20something activities, I like buying clothes ill never wear in public, drinking beer in the pub with friends, oh and occasionally I also like to cover myself in shit….

I dont remember my boyfriend telling me he had a scat fetish. I literally have no idea how he broached the subject. I may ask for his input at some point in the future though! I do remember the first time I tried to poo infront of him. It was disastrous. No idea what id eaten but this was the ugliest, worst possible first time scat experience shit you could imagine! He freaked out, I freaked out (i may have done a little secret cry in the bathroom after) Skip forward a few years and woaaaah who is that girl? making HD videos and selling them online? oh yeah… thats me

So things have changed slightly, but im enjoying myself, im not thinking too much about it, just having fun and ‘letting go’ :p

Currently we are filming at least weekly, but also incorporating messy play into our private life, so as long as i remember to update this blog there should be a fair few juicy things to tell you about!!


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  1. Your bf is lucky to have you. I am interested in reading your updates so keep them coming and welcome to the world of blogging 🙂

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