First Work Wetting of the Year!

So as most of you all in the chat room already know, I regularly wet my pants at work on purpose, but haven’t been lately due to the cold weather.  I was planning on starting wetting again at work about during Spring when the weather starts to warm up enough so that wet pants/shorts won’t add more coldness to me.  Anyways, as usual I put on quite the wetting show last night like I’m gonna do as soon as I finish this blog post.  I also cut the cam out before work this morning so I could have a private wetting and undies pooping session by myself.  After all was said and done I got cleaned up and left for work.  And needing to pee out more beer still.

So I get to work and start my usual routine as the pee urge grows more and more.  Now keep in mind I was just holding it out of pure laziness.  I wasn’t planning on building for a flood because I wasn’t planning on wetting my pants AT ALL!  So finally the urge was just getting too annoying so I stopped what I was doing and went to use the bathroom.  As I left the warehouse and was walking across the yard, I noticed that even though it had rained a bit, it wasn’t nearly as cold as it has been lately and actually felt like shorts wearing weather. As I continued walking, I started thinking about wetting my pants because the urge and the nice feeling weather were make my brain run laps.  Plus I LOVE public wettings!  So I stopped about halfway through the yard and thought to myself for about a minute.  Next thing I knew I just relaxed and let it all out in my pants.  The warmth spreading felt amazing as usual and the fact that I had just soaked my pants at work on purpose put me over the top.  So I went back to work as if nothing had happened like I normally do when I wet at work.  Sometimes people say stuff to me, but this time no one said a word.  I was a little disappointed, but not by much because of the simple fact that I had my first work wetting of the year.

I still wanna wait until warmer weather to get back to wetting everyday at work so I can also get back to wearing shorts there.  As my screen name and my many vids and pics suggest, shorts are my preferred clothes to pee in.  ^_^

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  1. how do your work mates feel about someone who deliberatly wets themselves? do you change at work after wetting

  2. I have wet multiple times at work this year. As long as the temp. is above freezing, I will let it rip.

  3. Only 2 workers know I wet on purpose and the rest think it’s just accidents. And as for changing I change into dry clothes in my car before I go home.

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