First wetting – Primary School

This is the first time I can ever remember wetting myself on purpose 🙂

I was in primary school in year 5 (10yrs old) and I was on litter picking duty around the school playground and sports field. i had been needing to pee all day but hated using the school toilets so was now bursting as I had had a lot of water to drink at first break.

I was behind the bushes trying to pick up some litter underneath it when I had a naughty thought…. My school trousers were black and I was wearing y-fronts… so I thought maybe I could let a little pee out in my pants and see how it feels…

Oops. I let a little out and he feeling was amazing. So I let a little more out, and a little more, next thing I know I am peeing and soaking my school uniform. Soo much pee was coming out and it felt so warm as it soaked through my pants and ran down the front and side of my legs making my trousers stick to me a bit. I looked down and my black trousers are even blacker and the grass around me was lookingn pretty wet too.

I had to go up to reception and say I had fallen over in a puddle and that’s why I was so wet. Not sure if they believed me or not, but i didn;t care, I had found something that I am still doing 10 years later:)


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