First Wet Date

In the early 90’s I lived in San Francisco.  I was working at a bar in the Castro and always met some pretty hot guys.  The bartender Joe introduced me to his friend and ex Tom.  Tom was wearing skin tight 501’s and a plaid shirt with the sleeves cut off (yes, the Castro Clone look).  I noticed a faint smell of piss when I got close to him.  I kept sneaking glances at his crotch and noticed each time he went to the bathroom he dribbled and had a quarter to orange size wet spot.  (That continued for the 5 years we were together)  His jeans were so faded they almost looked white from so many washes, but tonight they had definite piss stains on the crotch.  I also noticed that his amazing ass had a small but definite skid mark on it when he bent down to pick up something.  He casually mentioned that he usually never wore pants so light “when you’re into what I’m into…”  I’d later find out.  

I was literally shaking with excitement because he had that hot, trashy don’t take them home to mother trade look about him.  We went to go to my apartment.  Waiting for the cab it was cold as it usually is in San Francisco.  He started fidgeting around on one leg, then the other.  In the cab he started moving his legs in and out which I recognize as the “pee pee dance”.  I was not as forward and out about my fetish then and was too scared to frighten him if I told him I loved piss play.  I swear I heard grunts and the sound of him trying to breath his was through the desperation which only made my heart pound faster.  We got to my apartment and found the elevator was out of order.  I lived on the 17th floor.  We had to walk up 17 flights after a night of drinking  and him about ready to burst.  We got to my door and he was whimpering like a little kid.  I was so turned on by this on the outside butch, masculine hot trade dude being reduced to a desperate mess I nearly shot in my pants without touching myself.  
We got in the door and I got him a beer before he could even ask.  I was going to do everything to get him to lose it.  As we were talking he turned to me and said “Man, I either got to use the bathroom or I’m gonna piss my pants!”  I grabbed him roughly and pulled him in and kissed him shoving my tongue deep into his mouth. I grabbed his crotch with the other hand to feel his huge bulge and I guess I caught him off guard and immediately heard hissing. My hand got warm and wet and I just lost it.  I went down on my knees and buried my face in his crotch feeling the warm flood against my face and tasted the hot recycled beer.  He kept whimpering “Oh, my God, I’m pissing my pants, I’m pissing my pants, I’m so sorry”  No apology needed here.  The floor was covered in a huge puddle of piss.  He was soaked from his crotch to his shoes and never looked hotter.
I saw his cock grow and throb to it’s full 9 inches.  I loves me a huge bulge in wet pants.  I turned him around and put my face in the seat of his jeans, they were wet as well because he was wearing tighty whities (my favorite) and again noticed the skid marks.  Tom was an avid fan of ass play and getting fisted.  The result was he lost a lot of muscle control (again, something that turns me on) and I don’t know what came over me but I threw him down over my knee and started spanking the hell out of his ass calling him a sissy faggot for peeing his pants.  He was dick was about to tear through his jeans as was mine.  I kept spanking his ass over and over and then I heard a soft “oh, no!..uh…nnnnooo”  He tried to get away from me and I held him down and spanked his ass some more then I felt it.  His ass suddenly got warm, mushy and brown.  I said, did you just shit your pants?  He said “yeah, I’m sorry, I can’t help it sometimes”  I took the opportunity to pound it some more and then I didn’t care.  I’m usually a bottom but something took over and I pulled his pants down and fucked his ass in the hallway.  I came quick and we collapsed.  Come to find out, the little fucker had planned this all along.  He loved to show off in public and to shock people,  We stayed together for 5 years, he was kind of a mess, but great hot sex nevertheless.  I’d often come home to find underwear that didn’t survive the day when he’d either have a piss accident or poop himself.  
Once we went out to dinner and got dressed up in suits and got drunk.  We got into an argument and he stormed off.  I got home and found him passed out on the futon still in his suit and he had filled his suit pants and it was soaked through.  I left him there and the next morning noticed the puddle he was laying in.  The suit was pretty trashed by then.  
I still jerk off remembering those times with him.  

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