First time poop my pants

Hey everybody

i dont know why but i always like it the poop feeling, so one day after school i was alone at home and bursting to go. i just let out a huge mess in my pants and kind like it .

so i keep doing since it

Message me anytime i´m here to make friends

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  1. I think that’s how a lot of us enjoyed doing it but for me having friends around all the time was quite restrictive. Once I began doing it on purpose it was like I was a drug addict looking for opportunities to get my next fix. After a while I began to take risks and realized that getting away with it increased the experience. My loads were always really firm and not to smelly and using cologne disguised it good enough to get away with it. I still clearly remember the first time I did it while I was out with my friends and the first time I did it on purpose at school.

  2. My worst wet fart was when I was out shopping about 3 years ago. I was full of wind but kept it in while shopping. After I had finished my shopping I was in a quiet end of the High Street so I thought I would let it all out. It was a mega huge fart with an equally mega load of soft poop that splattered the back of my pants. There are no public toilets so I was forced to walk home with a big pile of soft gooey shit squealicing around in my pants. Needless to say that it spread, including going between my legs in to my crotch area. My bottom was a real mess when I got home.
    I would love to do it again though!

  3. Guess we all started young… I was 13 when I started regularly pooping my pants I always was fascinated with poop and just wanted to know what it felt like filling my pants, needless to say the feeling was awesome and after the first fill I was hooked after a couple of times I started to sit on my load on the toilet seat and making the sooft poop squish up around my balls, I would stand up and push the poop in my pants back around my bum with my hands then sit on the load again, the feeling was so sexy, after doing this for a while my by then rock hard cock would shoot a massive load into my pants and I would sit in my load just savouring the mess until I could get myself to clean up, obviously I had to wait for an empty house to engage in my fun so I was always desperate to do it, i don’t do it so much now but I still love the feeling of poop in my pants….

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