First time messing with a friend

Fantasy story:
I discovered I like pooping myself when I was about 13 or 14 years old. I had always had an attraction to diapers, but one day I had a really strong urge to poop and I randomly thought it might be fun to poop my underwear. And boy was it, it was the naughtiest greatest thing ever. But I didn’t have any chances to do it till I went to college. My first semester I met my friend Alex in a class, we soon started hanging out often. One day he asked to use my laptop and without thinking about what I had open I gave it I him. He saw I was watching videos and asked what they were, I quickly shut down the tab but the damage was already done. he asked if I like using diapers and I was forced to say yes in embarrassment. To my surprise he said that he likes pooping himself too, and has even tried diapers before. I was blown away by surprise and excitement. I asked if he would wanna play around in diapers sometime and he said yes. We met about a week later, both of us had held our poop in for a whole day and I was super excited to see what would happen. After getting to his room I stripped off my pants exposing my double layers of diapers. I asked him if he wanted to put one on too and he said yes. He pulled off his pants and underwear exposing his eager boner, i handed him two diapers, the inner own with a big slit in it, like I had in mine. He put on the diapers and a pair of compression shorts on top. By this point I was struggling to hold back my load and clenching my cheeks. We put on a movie and laid in bed with his diapered bum cuddling against my diapered crotch. He farted after a minute and I asked him if he needed to go, to which he said oh yea, big time. I told him to let it out. As he started grunting I knew he was pooping his diaper, I put my hand on the crotch of his diaper and felt his rock hard boner inside. All of a sudden I herd a wet plopping sound and felt a slight pressure against my diapered crotch. A few seconds later a sweetly stinky smell started to fill the room. I told him he was a good boy to make such a naughty mess in his diaper. Alex just smiled and started grinding his messy load against me. My turn I said. I turned on my stomach and he put one hand on my butt and one on my crotch. I finally let go and the biggest load ever started filling the seat of my diaper. It started as hard logs, than ended in a warm ball of squishy goodness. Since my bum was pressed tight against Alex’s crotch, the load spread and enveloped my balls. We both had our hands on each other’s diapered crotches. I began to massage Alex’s bulge towards the front of his diaper and he did the same with mine. We stayed cuddling for a while, enjoying the smell of each other’s mess. Alex than turned into his stomach and his diapered butt looked so cute I couldn’t resist. I took a knife and cut a small hole through both layers of his diapers. I pulled out my throbbing hard on, which was already nice and shitty and slipped it into the hole. As I rested my boner between his ass checks I felt him squirm and knew he had to push more out. His butt made a gurgling noise and my dick was instantly enveloped in a wave of warm gooiness. I pushed my dick along the bottom of his diaper and touched Alex’s own hard on with mine. He let out a muffled groan of pleasure as our shitty boners slid against each other. He said keep going, so I did, humping his diapered ass through the hole I cut, with our raging hard ons sliding past each other surrounded by his warm mess. He gasped and i felt another warm burst against my dick, I knew he came all over my cock. I slid my boner against his one more time, and as his come washed over my cock I felt myself cumming too. We both laid there in complete ecstasy before falling asleep with our messy diapers still pressed tight. It was a night i will never forget 🙂

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