First time in public

So I was out and about and wanted to go to the mall for new clothes a new phone and see if I could find some more diapers in sears or something. So I head to the mall check out Bell for a new phone ended up getting an iPhone. Then as I was shopping for clothes I had a urge to poop it wasn\’t that strong but it was strong enough. So I push slightly an let out a muffle fart. I got alittle hungry do I went for food at the food court. I went to new York fries and got a simple poutine then I saw one of my friends I used to shit with, so I strolled over and said hi. Chatted with him for a bit ten told him I need to try and find some more diapers cause I\’m wearing the last one I had. He offered to come along but he needs to head to the bathroom to put a diaper of his own on. So we walked to the bathroom and on the way I got a major pain in my bladder an I knew I badly had to pee. So I stop told my friend that he just said that him and I should play a game as he was needin to piss as well. I ask what the game was. He said that we see who can hold it the longest and whoever loses and pees themselves first has to buy the other a month worth of diapers and has to be either a baby mommy or daddy. I said your on. So we decided to go out for ice cream because sears didn\’t have diapers, in the way to DQ I was getting desperate I was bouncing and he notice since we shared a vehicle cause he took the bus. But all of a sudden my friends face turns red and he mutters damn. I just simple ask do I get pampered to now. He said yes. So I that point I let my piss go and moan with relief. We got to DQ got our ice cream the went off to Walmart. We got to the diaper section and he practically cleared the isle. Then we went and bought me a few bottles and a passy. Then I said stop with much urgancey in my voice. My friend asked what\’s wrong. And I smirked and said I need to make a poopy daddy. He moved me into an isle and told me to crouch like I was looking at something a push. I did as he said and let a massive soft poop into my diaper. I\’m purdy sure the buldge was noticeable because my new daddy came and kicked my ass lightly trying to squish it down. We head to the check out I got many stares then we headed to my home and my friend asked me out and offered to stay here since he was gonna be my daddy for awhile. I said yes to both

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