Nice to know I was not the only lad to have wet in class in juniors! Looking back, I remember people wetting in class in infants school and at that time I remember my not entirely understanding why anyone would do that. The school had adequate toilets, we had “playtime” in which to go and use them and, if needed, teachers would let you go out in lessons if you asked. It just puzzled me. But moving up into juniors instances were extremely rare -in fact I only knew of one instance where as boy had asked to go out and he had obviously left it right to the last minute to ask and was well on his way to the toilets when he could not hold it any longer and wet himself going down a flight of stairs towards where the toilets were. I could sort of understand, excuse and accept this as an “accident”. Apart from that sort of situation, who on earth would wet their trousers in school? However, I had a rather traumatic awakening one afternoon in 3rd year juniors during the final lesson of the day, right after the afternoon break. My world seemed shattered as,during that lesson, I had a full scale wet accident resulting in what is still in my minds-eye as a huge, glistening infantile puddle on the polished wooden floor of the school hall floor. During the span of that 45 minute lesson, through my inner-most thoughts as well as bodily sensations and scary experiences of losing the battle of mind over bladder function, right on the cusp of voluntary/involuntary control I joined for ever the collective consciousness of those of us who have “had an accident” in class

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