First-time female, wetting and messing

I think I’m in the minority here as a female contributor, but what the hell – I’m going to indulge myself anyway.

The first time I wet myself, I’d just come back from a fairly civilised evening out with friends (my a-level awards ceremony for anyone who might be interested). I’d arranged, at the end of the evening, to get a lift home with a guy I knew, a friend’s boyfriend. When he arrived to pick us all up, I needed the loo but didn’t want to delay him; I figured I could hold it, as it was only about 20 minutes’ drive home.
Halfway there, I realised I’d made a mistake.
I sat in the back of the car with two other people, my legs tightly crossed and perched right on the edge of the seat so even when my body tried to force me to pee I physically couldn’t. There I was, my face turning red as I strained against it, wishing and wishing that I’d had the common sense to just go before we’d left. I couldn’t even hold myself because my friend was pressed right up against me. I was burning, full, but couldn’t do anything.
Eventually we made it back to mine. I gave a very cursory goodbye and turned towards my house; as soon as my back was turned I held myself, forcing my fingers in deep so as to keep from embarrassing myself, gripping hard. I thought I might make it upstairs to the bathroom but my friend called me back, wanting to arrange a later meeting – I clenched my thighs, silently cursing her, feeling myself give, then removed my hand, and spoke to her. They pulled off, and I tried again to control myself. It was too late. As the car drove off, I felt a wet warmth in my palm. I was just thankful that they were leaving so they wouldn’t know what I’d done. I reached the garden gate, swaying on my feet with the need to relieve myself, and knew it was no good. I darted into the alley beside my house and let go. I probably should have been embarrassed at that, but I’d honestly never felt such relief. I felt it gush (I’d like to say trickle, but it was so much more urgent than that) down my thighs and into my boots, soaking the lining.
I looked around myself. I was stood in broad daylight, in a residential area, on a summertime evening, with my own piss cooling in a puddle around my ankles. I realised I was wet in more than one sense, more turned on than I could ever remember having been. I felt filthy but at the same time unspeakably aroused and didn’t know what to do. I decided quite quickly: I’d been needing to crap. I could have held it, I knew I could, but feeling incredibly horny and slightly drunk I thought why the fuck not; I’d already completely ruined my pants. I spread my legs further. I braced myself against the wall. I’d needed it enough that I didn’t have to try hard to fill my knickers.
Again, I looked around. There was no one looking at me, though people were walking past on the street. I couldn’t believe I’d got away with it. I rearranged my skirt; there was only a small damp patch on the back, nothing to suggest to anyone what I’d just done. I made my way inside, hoping against hope that there would be no one else in so I could continue to enjoy myself when I got inside. I was lucky, I was left alone. I went to my bedroom and knelt on the floor, removed my skirt so I could spread my thighs further, and strained. I didn’t really need anything else but I wanted more of a load in my pants so I forced it, rocking back and forth on my own hand with one finger in my arse to encourage myself. 
With full knickers and pee dribbling out of me onto the carpet as I clenched my muscles, I rubbed myself frantically. I’ve never come so hard.

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  1. Daisy, your not alone, there are a few of us girlies on here. This is such a brilliant story, I really enjoyed it, and it was quite arousing, i wish my first time was like this :>

  2. Glad to know I’m not the only girl around, and glad you enjoyed my, ah, contribution *grin* It was definitely a good first time!

    wetpantsboy, glad you enjoyed; I was vaguely nervous about posting at first but now that I have, I’m sure I will again!

  3. What a cool experience. Hope you had many more like it. I have pissed my self when drunk but I haven’t pooped.

  4. I’d recommend it if you ever considered it; wetting’s my more usual thing (and yep, I’ve had similar enjoyable experiences since) but I’m glad I gave it a go that one time. I’ve done it a handful of times since, when I’ve been in the mood, and found it to be great but not something I’d do all the time.

  5. Thanks, doc, I’m sure you will; it’s awesome to find somewhere that other people enjoy this kind of story!

    I might try uploading a video or two, too, but I’m rather technologically challenged so we shall have to see…

  6. What kind of skirt? A full skirt, knee-length and white, far more feminine than I deserved to wear, given what I was doing in it. I can tell you one thing: that type of skirt is better than any other if you want to spend some time in public after ruining your knickers.

    I still have the skirt. We share some good memories.

  7. love your story carry on wetting your panties it just gets better ,panties and skirt wetting is best no one can tell if your carefull you can stay wet for hours,

  8. Loved the story, made me extremely horny and I will have to write up my own experiences for you to enjoy I hope too. I love your description of your feelings having pee’d, and how you thought "what the hell I might as well poo too" – I can sooo identify with that!

  9. That was hott and your not theonly girl I’m here now to lol

  10. This is probably the singlemost erotic account of a ‘first time wetting‘ I’ve ever read. Your writing is brilliant, and the pooping was the icing on the cake for me.

    Do you have any more pooping experiences that you would share, please? 🙂

  11. Three very erotic experiences at the same time. Peeing, pooping, and cumming in your knickers. It doesn’t get much better than that does it? Look forward to hearing more from you. You obviously have a great future in this adventuresome subject area.

  12. Nice, I like the fact that you pooped in your pants not because it was a real accident but because I wanted to do it and be dirty, that’s hot…

  13. Daisychain, this was a wondeful story I loved it believe me, Oh by the way I am a girl and partnered with drongo (male), so you are not alone here and i hope there will be a lot more girls joining wpb, its great to chat share stories and experiences. i have loads i can tell you even though we are quite new to this subject.
    we even watch vids at and often copy what they do , apart from eating can’t do that im afraid, put pee play and pantiepooping well thats another story.
    hugs Mel

  14. This story is smoking hot!! I love how you describe what you felt and thought while it was happening. And I really like that you are adventurous enough to find pleasure in wetting and messing. So cool. Thanks for sharing. Could you share some more stories of wetting/messing?

  15. Very good story. I was so aroused, and my dick was so hard, I ended up pooping my swim trunks in bed last night and masturbated afterwards. It was awesome! Felt absolutely great and fulfilling my satisfaction.

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