First Time Diapered at Work

I’ve been debating for ages and ages about wearing a diaper to work. I was always worried that it would pop out the top of my trousers or someone would hear it rustle. But a few weeks ago, the whole office was off-site for the day and I thought that this would be the perfect moment to give it a go.

I was pretty amazed that the Goodnights didn’t show too much in my skinny jeans and it was super hot knowing that I was diapered out and about in the world and no one knew it. It took about 30 mins for me to stop getting hard all the time at the thought of it. I was still a little nervous though, I haven’t plucked up the courage to buy ABDL diapers so I just go to the local Tesco and buy the teen Goodnight’s, as they’re still young looking, but the problem is, they don’t hold very much. This meant that I was genuinely a little nervous about peeing too much as they can leak and that would be the mother of all embarrassing things to happen at work!

Anyway, as the day went on the inevitable started to happen. Even though I was drinking much less water than I usually do, I started to need to pee. It was such an great experience to be stood there talking to someone while pee escaped and started to be absorbed by the diaper. I loved the fact that they wouldn’t know that me, at that moment, was pissing.

The day went on with my doing little spurts throughout the day. I was probs just about at the limit of the diaper by the end of the day. I could feel that my crotch was warm, and ever so slightly damp through my jeans. Any more and I would basically just be wetting myself full on! Luckily, it was time to head back as the event finished early. Which meant I had some time between work ending and then meeting a friend for some fisting.

So I actually went to Hampstead Heath to do some cruising. I’ve only ever done it once or twice but I thought I might as well make the most of it, and the thought of going in a diaper was super hot. Anyway, I got there, still soaked, slightly damp and stated cruising around. It was the usual crowd of creepy old men, but there was one guy who wasn’t so we slinked off together. Hands started wandering, now obvs with a full diaper he was running his hands over my jeans to find my dick but couldn’t, and I guess he could feel the damp and the rustle of the diaper cos he then sort of looked awkward and said he had to go. TBH, IDK why but the fact he didn’t like it made me super hard.

With that, I headed off to my fisting rendezvous. He found it hot when I pulled down my jeans to stand there in my diaper before he pulled them down, bent me over the bed and punched my ass out into a rose/prolapse for an hour. I then popped the diaper back on and went home.

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty hot day 😉 if i ever reach down to feel a guy and find a wet diaper it would be the best moment ever

  2. I used to work with a girl that wore diapers but had no idea until the day she was sitting beside me helping with a project we were working on. She must have been so engrossed in what we were doing she didn’t realize how she was sitting. It was rather distracting, and I am quite sure it was wet but unfortunately, I couldn’t confirm. The funny part was she got frustrated at my lack of attention to what we were supposed to be doing and said something like “what’s wrong with you today, you need to concentrate, why don’t we go and get a coffee”. While we did she insisted on knowing what was wrong with me so I had to make an excuse.

  3. I was 19. I answered an ad in the Advocate. He was looking for likeminded guys into water sports. I called. We met at a corner near his house near Silver lake. He was a buff blue eyed blonde. I couldn’t tell if he was gay or straight. So. We went to his modest apartment and drank a few beers until we had to pee. I remember putting each other’s hand on the others croch , near the fly. He had on a wife beater tee shirt and cargo pants. Feeling myself piss for the first time, in front of another guy made both of us weak in the knees. We peeled of our pants and were down to our full cut snug briefs. I could not get enough of feeling him up. Then I put my hand on his masculine hunky butt to feel a big thick firm load. Like four day load. I think I was set up as he must have planned in advance to do this to an unsuspecting guy. He said “sorry dude, I just couldn’t hold it”. I walked around to see this huge bulge. I almost came in my pants or briefs. I tugged his waistband up so the load was snug up on his ass. Then I surprised myself an got on my knees and faced his butt and pulled him in so the load got the impression of my face. His briefs stayed clean and white
    I grunted out a respectable load myself and the two of us couldn’t stop playing with each other’s load. Carful to keep it in that sexy bulge shape. Then we exchanged briefs and felt each other’s load against our butts. It didn’t take time to bust out nuts. We got together a few times. I still think back to the moment I reached around to feel his butt through his briefs but found a hot man who stacked a load in the seat of his briefs,,,,,, and I was shaking but in heaven

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