First Time As An Adult

This is a simple tale and not long but it’s how for me wetting my pants turned from a thing that happened now and again as a teenager to something that was wonderful.

I was on a hill in the Peak District with an old school friend. The weather was showery and windy but so long as you kept on the move it was hardly worth covering up in waterproofs. We stopped in a sheltered hollow near a waterfall for our lunch. The sun came out and things changed for the better. We had been scouts and were both wearing our old khaki corduroy shorts and polo’s. I had noticed Mike was wearing white Jockeys as I’d walked behind him. He was not gay but I am and I fancied him, always had. That though is another story for another time.

We are sat on rocks opposite one another and as we chat I notice a trickle of piss piss running down the rock from a leg of his shorts. He’s making no attempt to hide it. He could have whipped his dick out and gone on the moor but he was pissing his pants. I had not seen anyone do this since being at school. He was quite unconcerned and I was incredibly turned on.

“Why not,” I thought. I let go and did my first real adult pants wetting and loved the experience. The piss seemed red hot and I watched a smallish stain grow around my zip but it was bum that was really wet. It was incredible.

Mike smiled at me as we stood up to move on. “Snap,” he said. That was that. No talking about how good it felt – and hell – it did feel good to me. A couple of hours later back at my car I sat on a boulder by the car and took my boots off and saw piss dripping off the legs of Mike’s shorts again.

He grinned. “Have you got anything I can put to cover the seat.”

“Don’t bother – they are plastic,” I told him.

Sat in my car I wet myself again hardly able to believe how good it felt soaking my bottom. When I dropped him off at his house I watched as he walked up to the door of his home and wondered what his girlfriend would say. For myself I went home and threw myself on my bed in my wet shorts and humped myself to a glorious orgasm before changing and going to meet mates for a drink.

Walking home I wet in my clean white briefs and pale blue cords. I was hooked on wet pants.

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