First time

This is the real story.

Today when I was alone at home, i got an idea. I wanted to first time make poop in pants. I wore white pants and pantyhose and I stood before the mirror. I began to push. Piss and the shit started to fill my underwear. Underwear became 3 times greater. I was very excited. I went to my room and sat down on a chair. I felt like shit smearing my ass. I stood up, took off my underwear and I saw what I look like. The whole butt was smeared with shit. I took a bit in hand and began to masturbate. It was sooo amazing.

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  1. Sorry for my English, but this is the first time I wrote the story. Please write what you think about my story. 🙂

  2. Wow! This is really good. Your English is quite good enough to write a hot story! Write some more please. 🙂

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