first school wetting

a long long time ago, way before I realised that wetting myself had anything sexual attached to it, I remember being in school at the end of the day, just before we were due to go home. I must have been 6 or 7 years old.
I was wearing dark brown corduroy shorts, grey socks, black shoes and a white shirt tucked into the top of my shorts.
I also remember that I was bursting for a pee.
The teacher was a little strict about letting people leave class to go to the toilet, especially as it was only five minutes or so before we were due to leave, so I was very reluctant to say anything.
The day always finished in the same way. We all sat at our desks on hard wooden chairs while the teacher said a few parting prayers and words of wisdom. Then we would all stand – More prayers and then we would be allowed to leave.
As I was sat in my chair, I wondered what it would be like to let a good few spurts of pee out. I was thinking that it might feel like when I was wearing my swimming costume and I would wet it before going into the water. Nice and warm and soggy.
so as I sat there I let some wee out. But I couldn’t stop very easily. I had to hold myself and try really hard to stop. I still kept peeing. My pants were soaked and my shorts were very wet in the bum area.
at last I stopped, but then we had to stand. I slowly got to my feet and felt the trickle of wee travel down my legs and soak into my socks my wet underwear and shorts drained downward. The chair looked a bit damp too.
I dared to look down to see barely any sign on my shorts (from the front, anyway) and my socks had stopped most of the pee going onto the floor.
Then we were off home. As I walked the few yards to my house, I allowed the rest of the pee to flood out, and now I was leaving a pee trail.
No one had noticed. I thought it felt amazing, and I would repeat it again and again as many times as I could, as long as my parents didn’t catch me.

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  1. I discovered how good it feels to wet myself during primary school after a high school girl dared me to in the morning while we waited at the bus stop. She said my black pants would hide the wetness and she was right even though my pants and underwear were completely soaked. The thing that made the experience feel even better was she had her hand in my underwear. I don’t think I listened to any thing the teacher said all day but I sure remember the start.

  2. I recently started to pee my pants again after many years of enjoying filling them with shit. I forgot how good it felt to wet myself. Great story too.

  3. I peed my pants only once when I was five but I have never forgotten the experience. I had forgotten to go pee before getting on the bus to go home. I was sure I was going to wet my pants in front of every body before I got off the bus, but I I made it to my bus stop and made it to my front yard then the dam burst and I stood there and peed my pants full force. I still remember the warmth of it and the pee running down my legs and filling my shoes. Then when I thought I was finished I stood there and squirted a few more times quite on purpose. I figure that was the beginning of my pee fetish.

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