First scat/piss experience – Real life

So this was around a year ago with my girlfriend. We were both really drunk after a christmas party and decided to go to bed and have sex. After that we just fell asleep, however, around 8am i felt the need to take a piss. Now the night before hand, me and my girlfriend were discussing the most disgusting porn we had come across and I told her about scat and piss which she had seen before. At this point i decided to take the leap of faith and just came out and said that I actaully love. To my surprise she said that she had always been strangely turned on by it, of course this gave me an instant boner. So back to 8am, I decided to test this out, whether she really liked it or was it the drink talking. With a full bladder, practically ready to burst, I woke up my girlfriend, and once she was awake to know what was happening, I started kissing her and touching her, trying to get her turned on. I wanted her to feel me pissing on her, but make sure she was in the right mood for it. Once she caught on, she started rubbing my dick from the outside of boxers. I was really holding my piss back, waiting for to pull my dick out of my boxers. When she finally pulled my dick out, I simply relaxed myself, letting all my warm piss all over her clothes, body and bed. At first she was really shocked and mad, she shouted what the hell, but never once did she move away or even push my dick away. I simply said I thought you loved piss play. She smiled and pulled her pants off just a little bit, enough to see her pussy. She directed my dick towards her clilt, and started rubbing herself while i pissed on her. Once i had finished, i went down on her, and starting licking her clilt. Within a couple of minutes, she had decieded to start pissing herself while i was still licking. I tried to keep on licking while she pissed all over my face and mouth, but ended up gagging really hard that it came out of my nose, though this just turned her on even more. After she had covered me in her piss, i went over and started licking her ass. I know from the night before she was to sure about scat, though it had peaked her interest, but once i started going deep in her ass with my tongue i could feel her pushing. I kept deep in there and could taste bits of her shit. Once i felt the shit coming, i took my tongue out and opened my mouth. She pushed out and huge shit straight into my mouth. This being my first scat experience i really couldnt take it, and we had to stop there. We was luckly that we did this so early in the morning after the party, that none of her family had woken up yet, giving us enough time to clean.

P.S. Please comment if you enjoyed it or even if you didn’t, im looking to share more experiences I have had, but would like to improve my writing
Thank you 🙂

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  1. Try pissing up her pussy right after you fuck her and leave your dick in her. If you are on the bottom (as I usually am) the piss runs out of her pussy and down all over your cock & balls for a nice warm feeling. When you finish, have her piss and you will have a repeat performance. When I was married, my wife loved to do this with me and she enjoyed having me piss up her pussy. Every time I fucked her, I could expect to drown in piss. I can’t remember very many times I got away dry…

  2. Great story! You’re a very lucky couple. Wish I had talked to past girlfriends about this to see if they were tempted…

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