First public toilet experience

So pleased to have discovered this site, there’s some really thrilling material on here. My first experience – I have had a few, since, and I’ll write about them later.
I am sixty now, but in my early twenties I spent a lot of time masturbatung in public toilets. I’d drive to one of about three that were in fairly secluded car parks, and spend an hour or so inside a cubicle. I was always quite timid and it seems permanently sexually aroused, and these old-fashioned, dimly-lit heavy wooden cubicles, walls down to the floor, very private, covered in gay graffiti were quite thrilling but safe. They all had spyholes, big enough to get a view next door if you positioned yourself right, and there was a fair amount of visiting toilets for masturabtion that went on in those days so very occasionally I was rewarded with a show. The crossdressing graffiti, and pictures of shit emerging from between stockinged legs, the scent of old wood, industrial disinfectant, shit and semen all mixed were very arousing, and I would usually remove my jeans and sit straddling the toilet facing the back to slowly masturbate in a depraved, wonton way. One summer’s evening, still just light, the cubicle next door became occupied and I squatted to peep through, to see a really much older man, from the waist down. He pulled down his suit trousers and sat to pull at his semi stiff and fairly large cock, balls hanging into the bowl, and I touched myself in expectation of watching him cum. After a few minutes, to my surprise and shock, he half-stood, turned away from me a little, and pulled his cheeks apart to reveal the head of a firm, dark shit emerging. I had never seen it, and felt quite light headed. Over the course of perhaps three minutes he let it slip out so slowly with the occasional tightening of the anus around it, hanging over the toilet, legs spread a little. When he clearly couldn’t hold the end of it inside much longer, in the dim light he took several sheets of paper, put them on the floor, turned slightly more, his shit brushed across the seat, and squeezed it off to let it drop onto the floor with a thrilling sound, I could see his slowly shrinking hole, watched him wipe once, pull his trousers up and I heard the door. All anonymous and silent. I stood breathless for perhaps five minutes more, occasionally rubbing my stiff cock, before I dared to clutch my jeans, to me open my door, peer out and slip next door, where I spent the next twenty minutes in the company of a beautiful stranger’s shit for her first time. I sat and straddled the seat, looked down at it, could smell it which was a little too much I recall, pushed my cock through the smear on the seat, and as my cock spasmed pointed it to let my semen squirt out and onto his shit, which I immediately scooped up in its paper, I remember how heavy it was, and flushed away before the sexual thrill wore off. Ashamed but with my pulse racing, I left quickly, but masturbated again later with the smell and smear of him still on my penis. Needed to tell someone that: I was hooked for several years afterwards and sought-out a few experiences (I’ve only just rediscovered the pleasures now in mid life). Up.

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  1. I remember the tile wall toilets some were underground with glass tile roofs you smell of stale piss and booze and smelly crap with over toilet cisterns with a chain to pull to flush or a piece of string

  2. Yeah I can remember in my youth,I am 65 now, frequenting the public toilet block in a park near our house. I spent a lot of time masturbating and fantasizing in there . Amazingly I occasionally come across public toilets that smell the same as the ones of my youth and it transports me back to those wondrous times.

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