First public diaper mess

For the first time in my life, I’m living alone so I’ve been able to enjoy a few freedoms that I didn’t have when I was in college dorms and living with my parents. Since school is starting back up for a majority of people and it was a random Tuesday morning, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and have my first public (kinda) mess. I went out with my friends for dinner the night before so I was needing my morning shit really badly but I held it in and slipped into my good nights diaper. I don’t want to offend people by going inside a store or a building where others could be affected so i decided to walk down to the 5 mile nature trail and start walking. I really don’t like my diaper being visible or noticing so I wore swimming trunks and a shirt that had a tail on it so I could cover If I needed to. I got to the trail entrance and had to stop to clench my ass cheeks to avoid messing, to relieve some pressure, I let out a really big quiet fart. After the 1 mile marker, I had to clench really hard again and by the 2.5 marker, I had to clench and cross my legs to avoid shitting. The next time I got the urge, I was just going to go I told myself. I went another .25 miles and then i started to get that feeling again. There was a bench and a picnic table on a slab just in front of me so I walked over there and stood behind the bench. I looked around to make sure there was nobody coming and then released a massive fart and grunted everything out. After I was done pooping, I sighed in relief and had my morning pee and started walking back home.

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