First post

I’ve been on this site for awhile and never posted anything so why not do it now?

Here’s a little bit about me. I’m into peeing and farts. Those two gets me horny super fast. I like watching videos of people using the bathroom on themselves but personally i don’t do it. I’m currently horny and i need of peeing but i don’t feel like getting up 🙁

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  1. Hi there. I enjoy peeing too, and messy stuff. I get turned on seeing people needing to pee, especially if they get really desperate and end up wetting themselves. I also do it myself and sometimes also go ‘properly’ in my pants.I’d be happy to do that on the video chat while you watched. Would you like that?

  2. You say you don’t do it yourself so you are missing out on a great experience.I first pooped my pants 8 years ago and felt so embarrassed.When I thought about it I then realized that it had felt good to have my panties filled with soft warm poop,so I did it again deliberately and loved how it felt.Now I do it as often as possible and I also love to pee my pants in summer in the garden,then let the warm sun dry them to be peed again when I am ready.Pooping my pants and spreading it over my butt then masturbating gives me the most amazing orgasm ever.You should try it and see if I am not right.Many friends have tried it and they all said how great it was.

  3. Wow your story is so much the same for me Debbie. Having my ass filled up all the way with poop and feeling its warmth and squishiness back there is so good. Makes me cum so fast.

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