First outdoor poop for the season

First messy walk for 2015…

I went out for my first walk today. The ground is clearing, finally, in some areas so there’s less snow on the ground. We still have 3meter snowbanks, and thick snow in most places, however, today is a bit warmer finally and things are melting…

I put on my sweatpants over a pair of well used FTL underwear and headed down to the river. I had to go badly and my heart was racing with anticipation. Once I hit the steps for the river path, after having to walk about a mile to get there, I let it drop into my pants. The smell and warmth mixing with the cool breeze off the river put me in heaven. I was actually shaking all over, not from cold, but from the tremors caused by the adrenaline rush.

I sat for a few minutes, jerked off in my pants, and went home.

What a away to start off the year. I hope there are more to come!

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