first diapers

what up guys? i just officially bought my first diapers today from my local pharmacy, the other one you’ve seen in the pictures before, i stole those from a bathroom at my schools health center, anyway, i’m lucky and unlucky at the same time. i’m lucky because i got there right when it opened and the only people around me were old people so it was easier to get them, plus i told the cashier that i was getting them for my grandparents, and they only cost $12 and it came in a pack of 12, now the unlucky side is that the size doesn’t seem correct, when i put it on, the tabs would not stay on and it was sagging too much, i don’t know why the size is wrong, it said medium because of the waist size so i got them, but anyway here’s a picture of what one looks like straight out of the package. another plus side is that this thing has not leaked at all and i’ve peed in it a ton, plus i dropped a big load in there and am currently sitting in it. and lol i didn’t mean to have such a serious face

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  1. thanks, i just hope i can find a better size next time, maybe i’ll buy some tena diapers next, they are my favorite kind of diapers and maybe they’ll fit better, i don’t get what i did wrong though, the tabs will not stay on, there’s barely any room at all

  2. yeah, don’t look so serious. Become the smiley guy on the wall behind you.

    I know how awkward this can be. My aunt got a call from her sister who was stranded indoors from a bladder infection and delegated her to buy diapers. She did 5 laps around the store before building the courage to buy them out of concern the cashier might think they were for her.

    I don’t think most people suspect a sexual cause. I think people would just assume it’s for a grandparent. Buy them a ways from where you live so that they might not know your grandparents or family though.

  3. Fa sho, thanks for the advice, and lol yeah thanks for noticing my nirvana poster, I might buy different diapers next time though because they weren’t the right size somehow, it said medium but when I put it on, the tabs wouldn’t stay very well and it was sagging, nonetheless it’s still a good diaper

  4. Also they didn’t really know me, and like I said there were old people around so they assumed I was buying them for grandparents

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