First anal fun!!

I had my first anal experience with my fiancé yesterday! It was a breath of fresh air into our sometimes sameville sex life! He’s always had quite an obsession with bum fun! I sometimes let a finger or thumb pass or rub my hole but anything other than that has always been a no go! But last night was different, I teased his cock with my hands gliding them across the precum soaked head until I turned over on to my side and he began teasing my wet slit with the head of his cock, it drove me wild!! Before I knew it he had entered me from behind and was slowly going deeper and deeper into my hole pressing buttons I never knew I had He then slowly slid his cock soaked in my juices across to my bum hole and began teasing my hole I got nervous! My past anal experiences were painful and full of regret but as he began to push his cock further and further into my hole not stopping until his dick was fully emerged!! My cunt was soaked in juices as he began to speed up fucking my ass really deeply making me moan before he slipped a hand through my legs and began teasing my wet slit while pounding my ass!! My god ill never forget the feeling of him moaning in my ear and his hand between my legs and the feeling of fullness in my ass!! Once he took it out I did suck my own ass juice off his cock and it tasted wonderful!!

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