First Accident/Incident [Fiction, Peeing Pants]

[Author’s Note: This story is a pure work of fiction, characters, events and surrounding are not purposely based upon real-life characters, events and surroundings.]

Uuugh! I totally should have asked if I could use the restroom. Sometimes I really hate myself for being shy. I was sitting in the train, coming from a conference for biologists and traveling towards my house. I already sat in this train for about 20 minutes, and the urge on my bladder only grew. I hated needing to go and not being able to go. And on the other hand, this kind of facinated me. I have had a thing for peeing. Since the age of twelve, it interested me that we as humans, pee on a toilet. Not is was more then ten years later and over the years I fantasised about peeing my panties, or my pants. But I never did it, I never got that far. A few times I peed my panties sitting on the toilet, but that was more peing through my pants, not in my pants.

“Can I see your ticket please?” Lost in my thoughts I had been staring outside the window, slowly recognizing a more familiar surround as I got close to the town I lived. Another ten minutes to go, I guessed. My hand was in between my legs.
“Yes, sure, let my get it, just give me a sec’.” I repplied as I got my hand bad and began the search for my train ticket. Lipgloss, menstrual pads, my phone, it took quite a while for my to find my ticket, as the bag was such a mess.
“Thank you miss, have a nice evening.” the train personal said, as he handed me my ticket.
Pff. Five minutes. I continued to stare out of the window, being more aware of my bladder and what had filled it than I could remember from any previous time.

The train came to a hald, I got up and immediately felt that this was way worse for my bladder control. ‘Oops.’ I though as I just leaked a little. I gathered my hand bag and the conference bag and headed for the platform. Once outside the train, the cold hit my, as it was winter. The little spurt of pee I had lost, was turning cold due to the wind and the temperature.
I left my train station for my ten minutes walk through the park, to get to my house, which was on the edge of the park. It was a beautifull night really, it was silent, there was no one on the streets, as it was a wednesdaynight and not the typical night to be out and partying. There were almost no clouds, and the stars could be seen clearly.

After five minutes I remember thinking ‘what the heck’. My bladder was hurting, and I was feeling arroused by the though that I could just go pee out here, in the open, with no one around. My jeans were already a little wet, and in the darkness, on the dark blue jeans, it wasn’t even visible. I sat down on a bench in the park, watching the night sky, as I tried to relax -something that called for more attention then I though it would have, in my desperate situation- and very slowly I felt a warm spurt of urine coming out of me. And the stream only grew in size. Fast I felt my bottom and my but becoming warm and wet with my pee. I felt the wetness creeping down my pants, and I felt with my hands on the bench how a puddle formed. I heard it splash on the ground as the puddle in the bench reached over the end of the bench. I felt a greater releaf then I could describe, but I also suddenly felt guilty, I had done something bad, something that was disguisting. But still I couldn’t stop myself from questioning what the harm was in what I had done.

I returned home after sitting there for a little while longer, and when I got home -thankfully, none of the neighbours where outside their house and no one had a close enough look at my pants to see what I had done- my pants had already turned cold. Inside the house I showered, with my pants on, and as I turned the showerhead to my cold wet pants, and feeling them become warmer and wetter with the water from the shower, I felt as content as I have ever been.

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