Fireworks pooping

By: Me
Written on July 5th, 2012
Yesterday,being the 4th July,was a day to see lots of fireworks here in Utah,in spite of many wildfires burning in some parts of the state.We decided to go out to enjoy the warm evening and see the displays from our vantage point up on the side of the mountain near Weber State University.Having had the day off work Sally and I had been eating steadily all day and mum had nibbled quite a bit too,so after or evening meal at 7pm when we ate hugh plates of roast beef with carrots and roast potaoes,we sat and relaxed for a while unti we were ready to go out at 9pm to find a nice place to wait for dark and see everything all over the valley.We had thought that we might have some fun while we watched,so before dinner we all had a helping of stool softener to prepare us for later.

About 8.30pm we all went and chose our clothes for the trip.I chose a cotton T shirt in light blue with dark blue capri pants over my cotton panties,mum chose a red T shirt and a calf length skirt,while Sally went with a white blouse and white capri pants which should show up any little marks very well.We loaded our drinks into the car and off we went to the top car park of Weber State which gives a view for miles.As we arrived we could already see many home displays popping up into the sky providing lots of entertainment for the kids of all ages.We settled down and began to sip on our drinks of coke as we watched waiting for the big displays to begin.Very soon it was dark enough for the displays to get going and we could see three big displays in different parts of the valley giving a lovely show,and all for free.We got out of the car and enjoyed a gentle walk along toe side of the mountain so we did not get too stiff from sitting.We wondered if any of the fireworks would set off a grass fire that we could see,but it seemed that none did that.

As we strolled about 200 yds from our car,mother’s Buick this time,it was becoming very apparent to us all that poopy time was fast approaching,as our stool softeners began to take effect on us.No cramps,but just that announcement,”Stand by to be filled,panties”.Since we were all alone in the street,with nobody near us at all,we just carried on walking slowly as we watched the sky being lit up all over the valley;it was a really lovely sight.Mum said,”I am ready to burst.Who is going first?” We just said that it was go as you please,so feel free hen you are ready,so at that,mum stopped walking and stood still for a few minutes with a look of bliss on her face as she slowly let her panties fill up with soft poop,then she began to walk again with quite a wiggle in her tail as she spread to poop over her butt.

Sally was squirming a little as she was almost bursting too,and so was I so we both stood together looking out over the valley and began to relax.We each had a hand on the other’s rear as the soft hot poop began to come out slowly,as we were trying to control it and not lose it too fast,so we each felt the warmth as our panties slowly filled with about three days worth of lovely soft poop,spreading slowly front and back as it came out into the panties.It took a couple of minutes to complete the pooping and we both gave a little push just at the end to make sure it was all out.

Now all the coke that we had been sipping,gulping,was starting to overload our bladders,so as we slowly walked back toward the car we all three let loose and allowed the pee to stream out into our panties,which got flooded and streamed down our legs onto the street.Thank goodness it was now dark enough that nobod could have seen it as they drove past in a car,we were safe from onlookers as we squelched back to the car enjoying the warmth inside our panties and the warm evening air too.As we returned to the car and covered the seats with the spare plastic bags that mum always keeps in the back seat for such “emergencies” we were all feeling pretty high from the excitement of our outdoor fun evening.Mum drove home nice and easy,while Sally and I cuddled close in the back seat,helping to spread our soft loads further than they had been spread by sitting on them.
When we arrived home and parked in the garage,mum went off to her shower to clean up while Sally and I both climbed into out shower to undress each other and ,eventually,to clean ourselves before getting to bed and some more fun which I will leave to your imagination.

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  1. Wow. What a wonderful time the three of you had Debbie. All that poop from three lovely bums, now y imagination is running in top gear. Lovely!!!

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