Fingered; a rear end tale.

For some time now I have been fingered in my behind. I started out by inserting a finger in my rear during my showers. Then at bed time I would experiment with a finger or two. I got an anal beginner kit which has an anal vibrator and anal plugs. It has a vibrating plug as well. After the beginning kit, I was able to get a larger butt plug and a vibrating ditto. My favorite however, is the anal beads. They can go way in and be pulled in and out very quickly. This gives a feeling of being fucked in the butt.

I now am to a point that I have crotch less panties and pantyhose. I can finger my butt without undressing all the way. I do need to take down my diaper however. Using the beads and my finger has me very interested in anal sex. I am using the bigger butt plugs to stretch my hole and hope to be able to take a real cock sometime.

I now am looking for someone to either remove my diaper or cut a hole in it, in order to insert a couple of fingers in my rear end. I will love to play with another. A little lube around the hole and on the fingers will allow a very nice insertion. Later a very hard cock will take the place of the fingers. I have been on line and trying to hook up with a hot cock that will take me to a new level of anal play. Just waiting for someone interested enough to do me doggie style in the rear end. What a hot time we will have.

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  1. you can count on me, I use crisco shortning and wereing a diaper you don’t have to worry about a mess, and yes your hole is always ready for any insertion at any time. So anytime you want I can give you your fantisy

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