finding underware a very true story

Yeah I switched fitness centers for economic reasons, and yes this fitness center is not very cruisy compared to the old one. This one particular fitness center location, I keep running into in the men shower room a guy or guys leaving sweaty gym shorts with underware (sometimes with skid marks or shart debris). I thought about taking the underware home but I can’t pinpoint who worn the gym shorts so I do nothing. What would you guys do in my situation?

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  1. I’ve truly found underwear a few times. Once on vacation after a guy completely pooped in them and left them behind! (completely true!)

  2. take the underwear and sniff them in a toilet cubicle and keep and eye out for who comes out of the shower looking for their underwear ;@)xx

  3. Thanks guys, I will update this blog if I get lucky and the guy just happens to be one of my gym crushes….lol

  4. I think leaving them behind if they fully pooped in would be your only choice. it would be hard o walk out of the gym with a full load in your pants and not get detected

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