After almost an hour of edging my poop in and out of my whole wearing my diaper I finally pooped and made a big mess! It felt AMAZING filling up that tiny space full of warm poo.

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  1. So did you play with yourself after you pooped ? I know that sensation all too well as a little boy I would shit my pants on the way home from school. Purposely I knew veggies were great for a good mushy shit so I would triple up on veggies at lunch. I’m glad my neighbor had a baby and I would steal at least 4 diapers a week, she never noticed.I would wear the diaper under my undies, and wear them to school unknown to anyone. At the end of the day I couldn’t wait to get about 2 or three blocks from my house, if I could even make it without letting a little bit out on the bus. I had let out a huge load as I was stepping off the bus once, I peed too and no one even noticed, felt great to get home and clean up glad mom and dad worked late ..

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