Finally got the nerve

Not sure if this truly belongs here, but I wanted to share a recent experience with my fiance.

Needless to say with a scat fetish I have a strong fixation with asses and assholes. Since we’re in a pandemic she doesn’t shower as often as she should. It had been 4 or 5 days since her last shower. While on the couch I pulled her pants down and buried my face in her ass. This isn’t uncommon for me to do, but this time was different. It usually only lasts a few seconds and we go on with whatever it was we were doing before. This time I had my face there for a solid half hour. I had my nose pressed right up against her dirty asshole. The smell was amazing. I kept taking long inhales letting, getting more turned on by the second. After all that time I started hearing her breathe heavy, it was starting to turn her on as well.

We made our way to the bedroom where she sat on my face. After a few minutes of eating her pussy, I shouted “I want to lick your asshole!” I had never said this to her before, I only thought about time and time again. Without missing a beat she pressed her asshole into my face full force. I started licking her asshole, and immediately the excited multiplies. I’m going crazy. The taste of that dirty asshole had me in a trance. I licked with all of my energy, and every so often would stick my tongue inside as deep as it would reach. The taste was exquisite, The built up sweat and, and the faint taste of shit, especially when I would insert my tongue. I indulged in her sweet asshole for another half hour while pleasuring myself. She began pleasuring herself as well. When we both finally climaxed she forced her ass onto me so hard that I could not breathe. The combination of the smell, the taste, and the suffocation made me climax to an extreme I rarely feel. My head was dizzy.

And the best part of all? Now I can eat her asshole whenever I want. No more being shy, no more being worried about how she’ll respond. Can’t wait for her next string of no showers to do it all over again.

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  1. Great story. I’m glad you found a woman that will let you do that. Have you heard thought about having her pee and/or poop on you while you lick her hole? If she is willing you should try it hat. I love the smell of a female ass hole too even if it is a little dirty. Has she ever farted on you? What is that like?

  2. Nice…So many women wash away your natural lessons which is so special it’s one of a kind is nothing like it in just to have a nose for is just ecstasy

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