Finally getting messy again!

Let me start off by saying that this is a true story and happened to me only yesterday. Let me also say that this might be a tad messy, so read it only if you don’t mind that.
It had been a long while since I last shit my pants. Constantly situations were against me whenever I felt I had to take a big shit, which made it impossible for me to enjoy some filthy play. But yesterday was finally the day. Nobody was at home for another 3 hours, I had been helding in a *massive* shit (I had been sick for the past few days, and had constipation) and I had everything ready. As per usual I went to grab a few scraps of paper and laid them down in my boxes. Secretly, I had been hoping that it would be a shit so massive, that I’d soil my underwear totally and could as well mess around some more, since my pants would’ve been ruined already. And I got exactly that. The shit I took was the biggest ever, literally pulling my underwear down a little. The warmth was intense, and it was nice and mushy. I couldn’t help myself, my hand instantly moved towards the back of my underwear and pushed the load slightly up my ass. The feeling was amazing, I had been longing for this for weeks. Day after day had I been fapping to other people shitting themselves on the internet, adding to my urge to do it myself. And when I finally had the chance, I made the most out of it. Within 15 minutes I was grinding around in my load, fapping like there was no tomorrow. I had an amazing orgasm, and I sat satisfied in my shitted boxers on the floor of the shower. Then, I felt a bit of sadness, know I’d probably never find someone to do this together with, but that feeling passed quickly as it made room for the sudden realisation of having to clean all of this up. I’ll spare you the details of that…
PS: Pic related, picture I took before I let out the load

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