Finally did it!

After wanting to for a very long time, but always chickening out, I finally got the courage to buy real abena L4 diapers!! They came in the mail yesterday and I was successful at hiding them from my partner. Can’t wait for Monday to have the house to myself and get to try them out.

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  1. you must let us know how everything comes out, (pun intended) … Just one silly question,, Why must you hide things from your partner ? is it they don’t approve, or might just like it ? Well let us know !!! Thanks and enjoy it !!!!!

  2. After that first time and once you get to use your diapers, there will be no fear in buying more as you will like it more and more.

  3. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop letting spurt by spurt out into this blissful padding. After “testing” the limits of one all morning, I felt comfortable knowing it wouldn’t leak even with a massive flooding, so I thought I would get adventurous. Everyone is blissfully unaware! I can’t believe I can make eye contact with someone across the shop while wetting myself and have no one catch on. I hope this coffee has its intended effect so I can further “test” this diaper before my hubby gets home.

  4. In very happy for you, I know the feeling too well, to look out and about, as you release, from small spurts, to a slow steady. Flow, feeling and enjoying the warmth, mmmmmm can’t wait to hear about the pooh side of your adventure…thank you for sharing…

  5. I wish you luck in your new pleasures.However why not wear panties and enjoy having a personal accident in them.That is what I love to do and I have so many accidents that they give a massive orgasms each time.If you wear a diaper it shows you intended peeing/pooping in it,but you can get away with saying it was an accident if you wear ordinary clothing.You even get sympathy.

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