filling pants

I was just sat at my office desk at home this afternoon when i had the sudden urge to poop my pants. i have no idea why, but the urge was overwhelming.
I just pushed a little, and i could feel it beginning to build in my arse.
I cupped by balls and squeezed my hand around them just in case i peed as well.
I had an immediate flashback to when i was 13 or 14 and regularly used to do this while i was doing my homework.
I used to sit at a the dining table to do my homework, but most of the time i found it boring. Hence my mind used to wonder about what i could do in my pants without being caught.
I eased my bum off the chair slightly. This made it easier for the shit to come out. Still needed to push a little more. and then “Wow!” There it all was in the back of my underwear.
So i am in my office and am that 13year old again, just doing what i like doing.
With full pants, i slowly made my way to the toilet to dispose of the evidence. Even that was sexy as the turd left in my arse crack felt amazing.
I might try being 13 again tomorrow.

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  1. I love reliving what I did at that age too. Such thrillingly daring naughty play, influenced by the new feelings of puberty.

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