Filling pants at school

In my school days I had six genuine accidents filling my pants and to be honest one of those was on purpose. The first four were in my first and second years, I can’t even remember needing to go, simply a sensation of a soft mess filling my pants. Only on one occasion was I caught out and told off, the other three times I simply sat on it for the day and was then told off and changed when I got home.
On the fifth occasion when I was ten, I became aware during the morning that I needed to go, for what ever reason I hadn’t been before I left home that morning. In the playground after lunch I was getting uncomfortable, I was by no means desperate to go but it was getting urgent. Quite suddenly, it was as if another body had taken me over, it seemed the most obvious thing to do was to let it out there and then. Using the school toilets to sit on was a definite no no! Other boys would crowd round the door to find out who was taking a dump. I walked to the corner of the playground, lent against the wall, bent my knees slightly and simply relaxed. I had about three seconds to change my mind but I chose not to take advantage of that time, while other kids were laughing and playing I was allowing a semi hard warm sticky mess to slip into my pants It pushed against my pants at first coiling around, but after a few seconds it picked up speed pushing its way to the edges of my little white pants and finally resting between my legs. It was huge, and it gave me a great deal of pleasure rubbing against me as I started walking.
Only a few minutes later the bell went and it was time for lessons again. Feeling nervous naughty and excited at what I had just done we entered the class room where we stood behind our desks till the teacher told us to sit down.
This was the best bit! Without thinking I sat as normal, my load instantly squashed and smeared inside my pants….it was awesome…. I thought I was going to slip off the edge of the chair.
Amazingly, despite the smell, nobody said anything and I simply sat on it for the rest of the day.
Needless to say I was in serious trouble when I got home, the cleanup operation was followed by a good spanking across the back of the legs….ouch

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  1. Awesome story!!! I wish I would have been brave enough to do this in school…one of my classmates did all the time and never got caught.

  2. My sixth time was when I was 15. I discovered that I loved farting in crowds, the best time was in change over between lessons or at last bell when everyone was going home. The large stairwell at school was noisy so if I let one go and it ripped out no one would hear it! On this particular occasion (you ahead of me yet?!!) I under estimated what lay behind, if you see what I mean, the fart lasted about a second and the follow through somewhat longer. I guess it was an accident. Now I had a dilemma, my mates were waiting for me, I couldn’t use the toilets for the same reason as in the story and I had to ride my bike home. I took the bike route trying not to sit on the saddle, but as it seemed to be soft one I could feel it slopping around inside my pants. As normal we all went our separate ways home, I took to going cross country pushing my bike so trying to minimise the mess. I thought back to my playground incident, thought what the hell, the damage is done, stopped walking opened my legs and pushed. It shot out of me, soft, wet and warm, god it felt good. Now I was nervous about going home, I lifted my leg over the crossbar stood on the pedals picked up speed down the track and went for it! Sitting on the saddle took me back, this time it spread further, it broke out of my pants and down my legs, I felt it grinding into me as I peddled. Now home bike in shed it was time to face the music….what luck….mom was out for the day, dad sitting in the kitchen reading his paper took a very different view to this kind of thing. As I was about to confess he simply looked up and said “smells like a good one, lad, you better get it sorted out before your mother gets home. Showered and soiled clothes in washing machine things were very much under control. I did tell mom I had been taken short on the way home, an unimpressed look from her I could cope with!

  3. I have “let go” in my pants a few times at school,bummer tho everyone knew all about in in about 3 minutes

  4. I wish I had found out how good pooping my panties felt when I was at school.Mom told me she used to poop hers to get out of some classes.I can really relate to filling panties and cycling.I did that and it felt so amazing I had a lovely orgasm just riding my bike as the poop spread all over my ass.

  5. Have you or anyone on here seen there Dad have the same secret fetish?
    I have a number of thoughts on this. One is the two of is in the car taking a day trip and either he or I have to take a monster dump. If you have thought about this then please share it with me.

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