Filling my jeans

Lately I can’t seem to get enough of the intense, momentary feeling of filling my pants with a big, heavy load and taking a long walk carrying my “cargo” (as a friend of mine likes to say). My weekend from work is on Monday and Tuesday which is quiet and uneventful and feel lucky to have the chance to be alone and take long walks with my full undies. This weekend I shit my pants six times, the last one was difficult as I was out of ammo.

I filled this contraption that I had made out of a spray paint can which I had cut the bottom off and remove the spray nozzle. I bought a short piece of clear hose at the hardware store to put on the end where the nozzle was,  found  a glass bottle that fit inside to use as a plunger. I made a big pot of lose oatmeal, the cheapest I could find at Walmart, cooled to temp, stuck the hose up my ass, attached the hose to the can and injected the oatmeal into my bowel and voila-I was reloaded and ready for action. 

Now, some of you avid pants shitter may say that’s cheating, it is but it give me the same thrill of shitting something out to give me the pleasure I require. I, too am an avid pants shitter so if any of you boys run out of ammo you can make something similar to substitute the solids that are necessary to carry your cargo. Or you can use an enema bag.


Be careful, oatmeal does not clean up as easily and poop and it gets all over the place if you are not neat and I fear it will clog the drain of the bath tub and sink. So just another story about filling my jeans but with a little twist. Leave a comment if you have more efficient way of accomplishing this, I would surely like to know. Have fun!

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  1. Thanks for the oatmeal enema idea… I’ll give it a try for sure… Can fill my pants in public without the smell ..kool

  2. LOL! This reminds me of a guy I used to know at a diaper site who once tried filling his diaper up with warm oatmeal to simulate a messy diaper. I actually not too long ago did try that, but put it in my undies and not a diaper. I guess it sorta felt cool sitting in it knowing that the cleanup won’t be all that bed and not smelly.

  3. I actually have an update on the oatmeal recipe-If you put one third Grits into the oatmeal mix the consistency is more like real shit and makes it smoother depending how much liquid you use.

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