Filling my diaper at the mall

It was last Saturday and I had went to the mall with my boyfriend, and we had eaten chili at the food court and I normally don’t eat breakfast so I was really hungry so I ate 4 bowls. An hour or so later we were in Macy’s and I started to not feel good so I told my Daddy (My boyfriend) and he said It was a good thing I had a diaper on but I was also wearing a skirt. We were walking past a worker when I had started farting and I didn’t care I let it all out. I was holding in my poop for when we got out of the mall but my anus had other plans and made me poop my pants right in front of a worker my diaper was so saggy it almost showed from my skirt. Once we got out to the car I needed to go again so I squatted outside of the car and went again it almost spilling out because there was so much once I stood up again Daddy just patted my butt and smiled

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  1. When your daddy(boyfriend) took you home I hope he fucked you before he cleaned you up !!! Love the feeling of fucking with shit all over my cock… Those guys that have done it more power to us !!!! Loved your story, lets hear more of what happened when you got home, and don’t leave out the juicy stuff lol !!!

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