Filling my C K’s

I was invited to an evening wedding reception yesterday, it was a friend of a friend, a group of us have been meeting at the local pub and several of us were invited. The reception was at the pub which is about ten minutes walk away.
It was a casual do so l put on my Hugo Boss jeans and a white Tommy Hilfiger shirt…. bit designer l know, but with my CK white boxer briefs and a a comfy pair of Chelsea boots, l felt the part!
About an hour before l left l felt quite a bit of pressure in my bowels, it was ok but l felt the need to squeeze my anal muscles from time to time to keep things under control!
As the evening came to a close, l said my “good byes” to everyone and started my short walk home.
About half way home I was feeling pleasantly drunk and relaxed, my thoughts turned to shitting myself when l got home (something l do from time to time for personal pleasure) However, at that point l suddenly thought “why wait till l get home?” I turned into the street where my house is, stopped walking and stood still with my legs open. A small push released a long low toned fart, 3 or 4 seconds later a long hot sticky turd coiled it’s way into my tightie whities, l could feel it pushing its way into my well fitting jeans, when it could push out no more, it started spreading across my arse cheeks and also up my slit. I felt so turned on it was untrue. This was the first time ever l had done it on purpose outside the safety of my bathroom and it was soooo exciting. I continued the walk home enjoying every step as my warm sticky mess rubbed against me. Once home l cleaned up without it squashing against my expensive jeans ?, didn’t want to ruin them!! Once showered and in bed l thought about my walk home and couldn’t stop myself having a bloody good wank!!

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  1. It is lovely to shit your pants as you walk home.You should get a cheap pair of pants that are machine washable and wear them over your shorts and just shit without worrying about getting the pants dirty.Just get messy and enjoy it.Wash out your dirty things in the shpwer as you get clean,then spray the dirty things with stain remover like shout and wash them right away in the washer.They should come out clean enough to use again.

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